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By Swapnil S.,

Tuesday Sep. 08, 2009

Factory model in the Semiconductor World

Semiconductor Industry is different from the Software Industry in many aspects.Manufacturing, Latest Technological Innovations,Time to Market crisis,understanding the nerve of the customer and speculating the course of technology are few key terms in the Semiconductor Industry, which are different from Software Industry.
Semiconductor Industry in the layman’s terms is indeed the amalgamation of both Software and Hardware flows, processes and practices.
Software Design and Development(in Fabless Companies) is done when one has to actually design a multi million gate chip and verifying it for lowest power consumption,least possible area covering and to identify the speed at which it has to operate, by using some EDA tools. Once the process is done the intermidiate floorplaned and routed netlist(a complex architecture made of digital/analog gates and flip flops) is passed on to the Foundry .

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Thursday Aug. 27, 2009

India:The Blooming Semiconductor Garden

India was doing good in Semiconductor world and suddenly there was a downturn. Have been repeated questions on how will the world recover, when will India beat China on Semiconductor front, and is India’s future shows some silver linings:

Of course a resonant YES ! We've made a good start, and there's still some way to go. The governments so far have put us on a good path and the Indian semiconductor industry has been taking the right steps to figure among the top nations soon.

Small cars and electric cars (Nano, Reva and many similar but undisclosed projects), Chandrayan-2 mission, power plants, LCD TVs, low cost medical devices, PV Solar/LED lighting and now the latest UID projects are some of the most visible immediate opportunities in the Indian Semiconductor market.

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Thursday Aug. 20, 2009

Intel VS ARM

A couple of points are just roaming in my mind for last couple of days-and one of them is Freescale Semiconductor’s selling of its Wireless Mobile Systems Group-(who are the takers ?) and Intel X86 planning to compete with ARM in the mobile world. Intel VS ARM is going to be good contest to watch from all the aspects as ARM has a good support for security features-due to its TrustZone environment and has good market in the mobile world just now facing the competition from MIPS and other organizations with OCP bus architecture support, while Intel- as we all know is capable to turn around the world because of cash and revenue it has in its pockets.

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Tuesday Feb. 15, 2000

Verifying Hardware and Software Border Line

i have been ardent fan of Toyota manufacturing.Toyota was the first company who streamlined the processes and quality matrix in the factory units , established a flow and performance management in for the workers and implemented a methodology to track the production.This was indeed very different from the Ford(American) and other European companies who till then have been very much stressing on the luxury ,customization etc etc..

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