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By Swapnil S.,

Thursday Aug. 20, 2009

Intel VS ARM

A couple of points are just roaming in my mind for last couple of days-and one of them is Freescale Semiconductor’s selling of its Wireless Mobile Systems Group-(who are the takers ?) and Intel X86 planning to compete with ARM in the mobile world. Intel VS ARM is going to be good contest to watch from all the aspects as ARM has a good support for security features-due to its TrustZone environment and has good market in the mobile world just now facing the competition from MIPS and other organizations with OCP bus architecture support, while Intel- as we all know is capable to turn around the world because of cash and revenue it has in its pockets.

Though in this case Intel will have to do multitasking to not only think and coming about a good technical and strategic moves for getting the market share from ARM , but also with AMD on its desktop processor business. Time will tell us rest assured to be thunderstorms.

One more interesting takeover by Oracle when they bought Sun Microsystems recently; what are they going to do with Sun’s Electronics/semiconductor business; are they capable of handling the same- or may be another big spin off in the offing after Motorola-Freescale ,Philips-NXP !Let us see. Once the Cadence and Mentors deal got failed and Google/yahoo story got over- this is now a days kind of headline news.

Very interesting to see the dynamics of Semiconductor and EDA business where three top notch companies are playing their games tying up with one and another for optimal profits. Cadence and Mentor –tied up for OVM to making an attempt to isolate the giant Synopsys (who is the pioneer in Methodology driven Verification of Chips-VMM).This is still a mystery for us when and how the OPENMORE initiative taken by Mentor and Synopsys - way back in 1999 got dissolved to ashes.

On the technology front UWB that takes care of Wireless USB and Bluetooth –is hot hot. Days are not far off when houses (having WiFi) can be connected within a city having WiMAX( in the cities).And the home networking will be wireless too-with UWB.

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