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By Warren Savage, CEO, IPextreme

Wednesday Dec. 24, 2008

Warren is a Twitter

Those of you reading this are obviously familiar with blogging, one of the key elements of social marketing, a new movement increasingly used as a way for companies to get closer to their customers.

<img src="//www.design-reuse.com/blog_img/blog58/warren2.jpg" border="0" align="left" hspace="5">Most people in our industry are familiar with LinkedIn, or Facebook, or other such social networking sites as a well to stay in touch with your friends, colleagues, and business contacts as we find ourselves in a world where people are changing jobs frequently.

In the old days we used to connect with each other at trade shows and conferences. But in today’s completely connected electronic world, the need—and perhaps even desire for face-face contact seems to be less. We have a whole generation of “millennials” which have grown up with AIM and MySpace. These kids are efficient about their communication, and we “old dogs” may have a few new tricks to learn from them.

One of the newer forms of this communication is called the “microblog”, which is probably best described as something in between a blog and an SMS message. Twitter is probably one of the most popular of these microblogging platforms. Here’s how it works:
• The concept is around communicating in a broadcast form to other people. You “Follow” other people (their broadcast), and “Followers” are the ones who subscribe to your broadcast.
• Text messages are limited to 140 characters
• Good hygiene of broadcasting one message per day
• You can do it through a web interface, or via your cell phone
• Muse about what ever you want—if you bore people they will stop following you

A great FAQ exists on this for CEO “twittering” at the following URL: <a href="http://twitter.zappos.com/start">http://twitter.zappos.com/start</a>

As a natural skeptic (after all I’m an engineer), I was really skeptical that anyone would be possibly interested in such a thing. I mean, we’re all hyper busy these days. Who has time for this? How could it possibly be useful? How could it be interesting?

So, in the spirit of nothing to lose, loving a good experiment, and potential fodder for a future column here, I signed up for a Twitter account and have started broadcasting my microblog there. If you are interested in following along my adventures, you can “follow” me at <a href="http://www.twitter.com/warren_savage">http://www.twitter.com/warren_savage</a>

You’ll get the idea...

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Warren Savage, President and CEO of IPextreme, is a well-known and published authority in the field of semiconductor intellectual property. He has a long history of pushing the envelope of design methodology from his work in fault tolerant computing at Tandem Computers in the 1980's and driving reliable design metholologies into commercial practice at Synopsys for its DesignWare IP product in the 1990s. Much of his thinking became embodied in the seminal book on IP reuse, the Reuse Methodology Manual. Warren is taking his vision to the next level with his latest company, IPextreme, which is focused on enabling broad commercialization of IP captive in large semiconductor companies.