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By Warren Savage, CEO, IPextreme

Tuesday Jan. 06, 2009

2009 Resolutions

If you are like me, you are likely glad to be rid of 2008 and all the bad news that has been hammered at us for the last 6 months. As we enter the new year, let me be the first to predict that negativity will be passé in 2009.

“Irrational exuberance” is what Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan called the “dot.com” stock market run up nearly a decade ago. Now we’ve just been through a period of rational pessimism in which we have weathered poorly planned wars, housing bubbles, credit crunches, and another tech crash. Let’s face it-- we’re tired of this.

In Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”, it was immortally sung “always look on the bright side of life.” Indeed, in our collective misery we should take note of the things we can be happy about, and resolve to be better people.

I’ve found it’s instructive to periodically create a list of things you are happy and grateful for. Here’s my list for 2008:

• I’m grateful that America has elected a president with the energy, vision, and optimism to give our country hope for the difficult times ahead
• I’m grateful that naked greed has been finally “outed” as the sin it is, rather than the simply “good business”
• I’m grateful that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know so many interesting and good people in the year
• I’m grateful that my company, IPextreme, celebrated its 5th anniversary and had its most successful year ever in a tough economy
• I’m grateful that my family is healthy and happy, and all get along

Does that feel better—you betcha! Try it with your family and your friends.

Scooting into 2009, I have resolved to turn the page on a rough 2008 and focus my energy on task of the future. Clearly there is a lot to do, and like driving a car, it is best steered not through the rear view mirror.

I hereby resolve for 2009:
• To avoid irrational pessimism though it may make me look smarter.
• To focus on where we are going instead and not get trapped looking at the past. Some of you have heard me say that “you cannot achieve what you cannot conceive.” It’s good advice for both business and your personal life.
• To help other people, especially customers, make their dreams come true by doing what I can to enable their success. Good karma is a bankable!

So, with this personal insight, I wish everyone a very happy new year and hope you will find 2009 to be a great year by whatever measure you define.

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Warren Savage, President and CEO of IPextreme, is a well-known and published authority in the field of semiconductor intellectual property. He has a long history of pushing the envelope of design methodology from his work in fault tolerant computing at Tandem Computers in the 1980's and driving reliable design metholologies into commercial practice at Synopsys for its DesignWare IP product in the 1990s. Much of his thinking became embodied in the seminal book on IP reuse, the Reuse Methodology Manual. Warren is taking his vision to the next level with his latest company, IPextreme, which is focused on enabling broad commercialization of IP captive in large semiconductor companies.