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Exhibition Program Committee Best IP Awards 2007
Panel: Collaborative platform for Electronic Subsystem (Dec. 6, 15:00-16:30)

At IPSOC 2006, several keynote speeches discussed the next IP evolution: subsystems. Since IPSOC, many companies have written articles and announced products and services that enable collaborative platform development. By raising the level of integration via subsystems, the intention is to remove many of the integration and throughput issues facing design teams today. This diverse panel will discuss their opinions and solutions required for successful platform development.


Bill Martin
General Manager, Intellectual Property Division
Mentor Graphics
He has over 25 years of experience in consulting, product design and project management. Bill joined Mentor in 2000 and has held senior roles in Mentor Consulting and IP. In addition to Mentor, Bill previously worked for Synopsys, VLSI Technology and Mostek. Martin holds an MBA in Marketing/Finance from the University of Texas at Dallas, and a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana.


Peter Hirt
IP Procurement and IP Partnerships Manager
ST Microelectronics
Peter is a industry veteran with more than 25 years spent in the semiconductor industry. He joined ST in 1987 and has since held various positions in R&D engineering and management. Peter's current responsability is managing IP Procurement and IP Partnerships.


Jauher Zaidi
CEO Founder
Jauher is a pioneer in Channel based SoC Platform architecture, bringing mainframe approach onto a single chip.He also pioneered the SoC Platform IP licensing business model. Jauher has over 26-year experience in executive management, mainframe processor, co-processor, fiber-optic networking design, and system integration at Unisys. He also led the single-chip I/O processor for mainframe computer at Amdahl, and mass storage group at Samsung. Before founding Palmchip in 1996, he led the flash and disk controller system-on-chip (SoC) integration at Quantum Corporation. Jauher is also a Chairman and director of Palmchip Pakistan Private Limited, software and IT outsourcing company focused on VoIP and Telecomm. He is a board of Advisor for Savant Company, a leader in International System-on-Chip conferences. He has also founded SiliconPakistan organization to bring SoC technologies to Pakistan. Jauher received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from Pacific States University in Los Angeles, California. He has written and presented a number of articles and papers on the IP business model, future business and technology trends. He has also participated in many system-on-chip panels, and is a recognized expert in the area of SoC development. He invented the CoreFrame SoC Integration Architecture. He holds several patents on SoC technology and infrastructure


Kalar Rajendiran
Senior Director, Marketing
Kalar Rajendiran is the Senior Director of Marketing for eSilicon Corporation, where he is responsible for the company’s product marketing as well as semiconductor IP strategy. He joined eSilicon in 2000, prior to the company’s public launch. Rajendiran has held several senior engineering and marketing management positions with National Semiconductor, LSI Logic and Larsen & Toubro. He holds a BE in Electrical Engineering from Anna University, an MS in Computer Science from Texas Tech University, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.


Rick Tomihiro
Marketing Director, Silicon and Embedded SW IP
Mentor Graphics
Rick joined Mentor in 2006 and has over 25 years of experience in Product marketing, CPU design and ASIC design. Rick had previously worked for Synopsys, NexGen, Chips and Technologies, Tandem Computers and STC Computer Research. Rick holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University.


Bill Chown
SLED Product Group Director
Mentor Graphics
Bill started his design career in the defense industry, where he went from designing mixed signal and DSP systems, at chip and board level in the UK, to managing projects through to layout and production test. He subsequently moved to the semiconductor industry with Intersil Semiconductors, and then worked in EDA and test software development in Europe and the US with Mentor Graphics, Summit Design/TSSI, Integrated Measurement Systems and Credence. A twenty-five year EDA veteran, Bill currently specializes in system level design and verification. He has been involved with standards activities for several years, serving in the CFI, ECSI, and STIL initiatives, is past chair of the TTTC TAC on Virtual Test, and is a board member of The SPIRIT Consortium and of OMG. Bill earned an Electronic Engineering degree from the University of Wales and an MBA from the University of Oregon.