IP-SOC 2010
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About this Event...

IP - SoC 2010 will be the 19th edition of the working conference on hot topics in the design world, focusing for the past 8 years on IP-based SoC design and held in the renowned Silicon Valley of the French Alps.

This event has grown regularly and the last edition in December, 09, despite a depressed market, attracted up 500 attendees, mainly engineering managers. The satisfaction level of the attendees is impressive due to well focused, high level panels, sessions and seminars. Over the year IPs have become Subsystems or Platforms and thus as a natural applicative extension IP-SoC will definitively include a strong Embedded Systems track addressing a continuous technical spectrum from IP to SoC to Embedded System.

Areas of interest:

IP Best practice
• Business models
• IP Exchange, reuse practice and design for reuse
• IP standards & reuse
• Collaborative IP based design

• DFM and process variability in IP design
• IP / SoC physical implementation
• IP design and IP packaging for Integration
• IP and system configurability
• IP platform and Network on Chip

Quality and verification
• IP / SoC verification and prototyping
• IP / SoC quality assurance

Architecture and System
• IP / SOC transaction level modelling
• Multi-processor platforms
• HW/SW integration
• System-level analysis
• System-level virtual prototyping
• NoC-based Architecture

Embedded Software
• Software requirements (timeliness, reactivity)
• Computational Models
• Compilation and code generation

Real-Time and Fault Tolerant Systems
• Real-time or Embedded Computing Platforms
• Real-Time resource management and Scheduling
• Real-time Operating system
• Support for QoS
• Real-time system modelling and analysis
• Energy-aware real-time systems

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In addition to the IP-SOC 2010 working conference, the attached exhibition gives you the opportunity to see the reality of an Embedded System connected world. The exhibition will allow you to meet the most advanced suppliers and see the latest products.

Why should you exhibit?

IP-SOC 2010 provides a turnkey solution to companies wishing to gain face-to-face contact with key players in the IP arena. The table top exhibition involves a low outlay in terms of financial cost, time out of office and organisational responsibilities, and gives a high yield in terms of high quality sales leads and company promotion. IP-SOC 2010 is a simple way of increasing the products and services you sell and getting your name in front of a highly technical, decision making audience.

Exhibitors, book your space now.


EETimes The conference is organized within 4 tracks namely:

• The well recognized Panel track on hot topics. These panels will address both IP and Embedded Systems to day challenges

Technical papers addressing the issues in the IP-based system design and in the Embedded System arenas

IP-XACT 2010 Visionary scientific seminars on key topics organized by gurus in the field ,including invited state of the art academic presentations

Exhibitor track offering sponsored speaking opportunities for Companies willing to communicate their technical capabilities in greater depth ideas through technical presentations in one hour or in half-day workshops. Such a presentation slot may be a stand-alone demonstration of a development tool or technique

Program Highlights

Keynote talks

"Semiconductor IP Market Overview, 2009-2014" by Ganesh Ramamoorthy, Principal Research Analyst, Gartner
"IP Challenges and Opportunities in China " by Mark Ma, MBA, Founder, Jiatao Industrial
"Mobile Everywhere - How enriched mobile media is changing the IP landscape" by Kent Shimasaki, Managing Director, Infinitedge
"Prototyping for Embedded Software Development" by Frank Schirrmeister, Director, Product Marketing, System-Level Solutions , Synopsys

Invited talks
"Plug-And-Play IP for FPGA Based SoC Design" by Rick Tomihiro, Xilinx
"IP Acquisition & Management" by Kurt Wolf, Founder and President, SiliconIP
"Patenting the Intellectual Properties" by Yvon Gris, Cabinet Gris
"Delivering complete solutions on an FPGA" by Bob Blake, Product and Corporate Marketing Manager, Altera Europe
"Porting High-Performance IP to Low-Cost, Mid-Range FPGA" by Tim Schnettler, Director, Product Marketing, Lattice Semiconductor Corp.


Technical Seminars

• Technical sessions

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Important Dates

• Final version of the manuscript: November 7, 2010
• Working conference : Nov. 30 - Dec. 1, 2010

IP-SOC 2010 Best Prizes

CEA_leti Each year, the IP/SoC Conference is proud to recognize the excellent, novel, innovative and highly practical design ideas that authors contribute. Excellence in design - whether it be within an IP block or a complete system continue to be the future of the IP/SoC industry.

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