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Feeding the Beasts: Optimized Shared Memory Solutions for MPSoCs
By Drew Wingard, CTO


External access to cost-effective shared memories is the critical chokepoint limiting the performance of heterogeneous multicore SoCs. This talk describes a system-level approach for analyzing and optimizing the full memory system from processors to pins.


Dr. Drew E Wingard co-founded Sonics in September 1996 and has served as our chief technical officer and secretary since March 1997 and as one of our directors since February 1997. Prior to co-founding Sonics, Dr. Wingard led the development of advanced circuit and CAD methodology for MicroUnity Systems Engineering, Inc. from 1994 to 1996. Dr. Wingard co-founded and worked at Pomegranate Technology from 1992 to 1994, where he designed an advanced SIMD multimedia processor. Since December 2001, Dr. Wingard has served as the secretary and a director of the OCP-IP, a non-profit trade organization. Dr. Wingard received a BS from the University of Texas, Austin and an MS and a PhD from Stanford University, all in electrical engineering