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DAY 1: December 5, 2007


07:00 Registration

08:15 Welcome

08:30 Keynote Talk: State of the Art in Patent Licensing Support

By Mike McLean
Vice President of IPinsights
Semiconductor Insights

09:00 Keynote Talk: Achieving Maximum Reuse Leverage: Lessons from benchmarking 1000+ IC projects

By Ron Collett
President and CEO
Numetrics Management Systems, Inc.

09:45 Which IP Business and what Star IPs for the future?

Keynote Talk: Emerging Opportunities for Semiconductor IP

By Jack Browne
VP of Marketing
MIPS Technologies

Keynote Talk: Next Chapter in IP: Enabling Innovation

By Gagan Gupta
Senior Director of Product Marketing
ARC International

Panel: The future of IP industry. Are CPUs the only Stars in IP?

Richard Wallace
EE Times

- Jack Browne, MIPS
- Gagan Gupta, ARC
- Haydn Povey, ARM
- Jeroen Leijten, Silicon Hive

11:25 Break

11:40 Keynote Talk: The Semiconductor IP Market

By Jim Tully
Vice President, Chief of Research Semiconductors

12:10 Keynote Talk: IP website as a catalyst of IP industry

By Gabrièle Saucier
Design and Reuse




ROOM 2 Design

ROOM 3 High Level

13:30 Panel: A decade in standard based IP and what's the future for the next decade

Joachim Kunkel
VP and General Manager

- Peter Hirt, IP Procurement and IP Partnerships Manager, ST Microelectronics
- Thierry Pfirsch, Alcatel Lucent
- Alex Haggenmiller, Infineon
13:30 Session: IP business model
Chairman: William D. Billowitch (Cadence Design Systems)

-"IP Monetization: Your technology or your patents" by Mike McLean from Semiconductor Insights

-"The Gaisler Research Open-Source Business Model" by Per Danielsson from Gaisler Research

-"ESA IP Cores Service" by Kostas Marinis & Agustin Fernandez-Leon from ESTEC/ESA


Session: IP design 1
Chairman: Paolo Pezzati (Cadence)

-"FPGA based Complex System Designs: Methodology and Techniques" by Kodavalla Vijay Kumar from Wipro Technologies

-"A FPGA-based solution for enforcing dependability and timeliness in CAN" by José Rufino from FCUL, Ricardo Pinto & Carlos Almeida from IST-UTL


Session: TLM & System C Modeling
Chairman: Laurent Ducousso (STMicroelectronics)

-"Reducing IPCore Design Time Using Behavioral Synthesis and Synthesizable TLM Communication: an MPEG-2 Case Study" by Cirdes Borges, Marcelo Lucena, Vinicius Kursancew, Vítor Schwambach & Edna Barros from UFPE

-"Adapter Based Distributed Simulation of Multiprocessor SoCs Using SystemC" by Aravinda Thimmapuram from NXP Semiconductors

-"Accelerating SoC Design using SysML and SystemC1" by Waseem Raslan from Mentor Graphic Egypt & Ahmed Sameh from The American University in Cairo

-"SystemC Mixed-HDL IP Reuse Methodology" by Rudra Mukherjee, Gaurav-Kumar Verma & Arnab Saha from Mentor Graphics




Session: IP management, delivery and Exchange
Chairman: Francois Kleitz (Alcatel)

-"Collaborative engineering approach towards IP-based SoC design" by Adam Pawlak, Piotr Penkala & Pawel Fras from Silesian University of Technology, Havard Jorgensen from AKM AS & Wojciech Sakowski from Evatronix SA

-"IP Tagging and Tracing in IP centric Design, Project and Product management" by Gabrièle Saucier & Philippe Ozil from Design And Reuse

-"A SEMIAUTOMATIC IP DISTRIBUTION TOOL" by Millena Gomes, Cristiano Araujo, Felype Santiago & Edna Barros from UFPE

14:45 Break

Keynote Talk: A decade in Library IP and Mixed Analog IPs

By Mike Murray
General Manager of Mixed Signal IP
Silicon & Software Systems (S3)

Panel: A Decade in Library IP and Mixed Analog IPs

Bob Tait
Marketing Director of Consumer Silicon
Silicon & Software Systems (S3)

- Jean-luc Pelloie, Director SOI Technology, ARM
- Jean-François Pollet, Chief Innovation Officer, Dolphin Integration
- Sergio Kusevitzky, Vice-President of Marketing - Chipidea Analog Group, MIPS Technologies
- Navraj Nandra, Director, Product Marketing Mixed-Signal IP, Synopsys
14:50 Break


Session: IP design 2
Chairman: Paolo Pezzati (Cadence)

-"Performance Enhancements in System Packet Interface (SPI) 4.2 IP Core" by Kaushal Buch, Tarang Popat & Rahul Jain from eInfochips Ltd

-"Transmitter/Receiver IP cores for MIPI Camera Serial Interface 2(CSI-2) and D-PHY" by Soon Kwon, Eugin Hyun, Yong-Hwan Lee, Jong-Hun Lee & Woo-Young Jung from DGIST

-"Dual Mode SMIA/MIPI Receiver Supporting 2Gbps" by Yoav Lavi from VLSI Plus

15:20 Session: High level modeling
Chairman: Bernard Courtois (IMAG)

-"Modelling Embedded Systems at Functional Untimed Application Level" by Sandro Penolazzi, Ahmed Hemani & Mohammad Badawi from KTH

-"Rapid Creation of Application Models from Bandwidth Aware Core Graphs" by Joao Otero from NEC Laboratories America, Francesco Regazzoni from ALaRI & Marcello Lajolo from NEC Laboratories America




Session: IP integration and standards
Chairman: Ian Mackintosh (OCP IP)

-"A Chip IP Integrator for System Level Design" by Mikhail Baklashov from ARM, Inc.

-"Generic Driver Model using hardware abstraction and standard APIs" by Amar Amar, Shirish Joshi & Don Wallwork from Cisco Systems Inc

-"SpiritEd: A Register Specification System integrating IP-XACT and Adobe FrameMaker" by Jan Langer, Vasco Jerinic from Chemnitz University of Technology & Ulrich Heinkel from Chemnitz University of Technology, Frank Dresig from AMD Saxony LLC and Co. KG & Jan Langer



Panel: Open Source for Hardware Design

Francois Kleitz
Alcatel Lucent

- Per Danielsson, Chief Executive Officer, Gaisler research
- Shrenik Mehta, Sr. Director, Frontend Technologies & OpenSPARC Program, Sun Microsystems
- Pierre Bricaud, Synopsys
Panel: Is networking the solution for interconnect design closure?

Srinivasan Murali
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

- John Bainbridge, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Silistix
- Marcello Coppola, STMicroelectronics
- Philippe di Crescenzo, Product Marketing Director, Arteris
- Milos Krstic, IHP Microelectronics

Break 17:00

Session: IP design 3
Chairman: Jeroen Leijten (Silicon Hive)

-"AMASS Core: Associative Memory Array for Semantic Search" by Pal Rujan from LCI GmbH, Francois Vuillod & Benedikt Gomm from UniUlm & Marius Monton & David Castells from UAB

-"IP Core of On-line ICA Algorithm" by Song-Ju Kim from NiCT & Hideaki Terai & Ken Umeno from NiCT, ChaosWare Inc.

-"A 0.79-mm^2 29-mW Real-Time Face Detection IP Core" by Yuichi Hori & Tadahiro Kuroda from Keio University

-"H.264/AVC HDTV Motion Compensation Soft IP" by Bruno Zatt, Arnaldo Azevedo, Luciano Agostini, Altamiro Susin & Sergio Bampi from UFRGS

17:30 Break 17:30

Session: IP encryption
Chairman: Mike Bursell (Certicom)

-"DesignTag: A Thermally Sensed Security Tag to Protect Chip Designs" by Tom Kean from Algotronix Ltd, David McLaren & Carol Marsh from Algotronix Ltd. and ISLI

-"Hardware Security Requirements for Embedded Encryption Key Storage" by Craig Rawlings from Kilopass Technology Inc. & Mike Bursell from Certicom

-"Cryptographic Hardware Implementation in an IP-based System-on-Chip (SoC)" by Illiasaak Ahmad, N. M. Thamrin & M Khalil-Hani from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Panel: Semiconductor IP – Who should be the Standards Torch Bearer ?

Warren Savage

- Bill Martin, Mentor Graphics
- Victor Berman, Improv Systems
- Ian Mackintosh, OCP IP
- Pierre Bricaud, The SPIRIT Consortium

Exhibitor track [1]
Chairman: Bobby Behnam

-"Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA" by Felix Beniamine

-"Analog and Mixed-Signal design solutions for SoC makers" by Thierry Delmot from nSilition

-"Satin IP Technologies" by Michel Tabusse

-"A solution for Noise impact in Analog Mixed Signal SoC" by Brieuc Turluche (CWS)

-"LEON3 and the GRLIB IP-library" by Per Danielsson (Gaisler)

-"The AMASS Project: a general in-memory search platform for database, text, semantic web, and multimedia management applications" by Dr. Pal Rujan from LCI GmbH

-"VaST Systems Technology" by Jean-Marc TALBOT





19:15 Banquet
Join us at the D&R 10th Anniversary Party for knowing more about French traditional food and wine from French regions, sharing our birthday cake, enjoying music and our friendly community ambiance .

DAY 2: December 6, 2007





08:15 Panel: IP/SoC Prototyping

Huy-Nam Nguyen
Head of System Modelling and Verification Service
Bull / METASymbiose

- Luc BURGUN, President and CEO, EVE
- Syed Zahid Ahmed, LIRMM / Menta
- Lars-Eric Lundgren, General Manager of Synplicity Hardware Platforms Group, Synplicity
- Eric Selosse, Mentor Graphics
- Helena Krupnova, STmicroelectronics


Exhibitor track [2]

-"Ultra-Low Power? Think Multi-ASIP SoC!" by Gert Goossens from Target Compiler Technologies

-"EVE" by Luc Burgun

-"Accelerating Product Development with IP Subsystems" by Rick Tomihiro from Mentor Graphics

-"What's missing? An efficient intranet IP Reuse infrastructure" by Gabriele Saucier from Design And Reuse

-"ASIC Prototyping with FPGAs" by Mike Dini from The Dini Group

-"A Formal Verification Process to Ensure Error-free IP" by Michael Siegel from OneSpin Solutions

-"Breaking the 10G Barrier" by Tony Pialis from Snowbush/Gennum

-"Ansoft" by Rémy Fernandes

Session: Verification I
Chairman: Lyes Benalycherif (STMicroelectronics)

-"Your Verification Methodology Ran Out of Steam and Your Project is Failing : How to Quickly Ramp Your Team and Apply the Latest Techniques to Tape Out Successfully" by Nick Heaton & Hamish Hendry from Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

-"A Comparison of Assertion Based Formal Verification with Coverage driven Constrained Random Simulation, Experience on a Legacy IP" by Jentil Jose & sachin Abdul Basheer from Wipro Technologies


Session: Power optimization 2
Chairman: Joseph Borel (JB-R&D)

-"Predictable, Automated Verification of Protocol Compliance : Methodology Guidelines and Best Practices for Achieving Compliance Closure" by Dimitry Pavlovski, Moshik Rubin & Liron Stoler from Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

-"Mixed Signal Drivers for Ultra Low Power and Very High Power Applications" by Offer Schwartsglass from Avnet ASIC Israel (AAI)

-"Accurate System Level Power Estimation through Fast Gate-Level Power Characterization" by Philippe Soulard & Sue Xu from NXP Semiconductors



09:30 Break

Session: Verification II
Chairman: Mark Hampton (Certess)

-"Re-Use of Unit level verification environment for verification of memory controller" by Aniruddha Baljekar from NXP Semiconductors

-"Case Study: Annotating OVL 2.0 with SVA Assertions" by Jiang Long, Andrew Seawright, Bipul Talukdar, Vibarajan Viswanathan & Kenneth Larsen from Mentor Graphics

-"SystemC: Key modeling concepts besides TLM to boost your simulation performance" by Martin Schnieringer from VaST Systems Technology

09:45 Panel: Implementing Security of On-Chip Resources

Jim Tully
VP and chief of research for semiconductors
Gartner Dataquest

- Gagan Gupta, ARC International
- Steve Cliadakis, Sidense
- Mike Bursell, Certicom
- Semiconductor Foundry Representative
- Chip vendor with secure key storage requirement

10:30 Break



10:45 Break

11:00 Panel: What’s needed to service the power conscious emerging mobile video marketplace?

William Billowitch
Marketing Director, IP & EDA Alliances

- Gagan Gupta, Director of Product Marketing, ARC
- Azzedine Boubguira, Dibcom
- Jack Browne, VP of Marketing, MIPS Technologies
- Jeroen Leijten, Silicon Hive


Open Forum: IP design methodology
Chairman: Ahmed Jerraya (CEA-LETI, MINATEC)

-"Software - the X factor" by Chris Turner from Cambridge Consultants

-"Timing annotation of UnTimed Functional models for architecture use-case" by Rajiv Gupta from HCL Technologies

-"Real-World Reuse: RTL Recycling" by Tom Dewey & Gordon Walker from Mentor Graphics Corp.

-"Auto SOC Top Design integration" by veena S Chakravarthi, Dinesh A & Kumar M N from Centillium India Pvt Ltd Bangalore & Gurumurthy K S from UVCE Bangalore

Session: Configurable platform
Chairman: Huy-Nam Nguyen (Bull / METASymbiose)

-"A configurable FPGA-based multi-channel high-definition Video Processing Platform" by Kambiz Khalilian from Omaha Microsystems & Bernd Merkl from Visual Communication Systems

-"A Configurable HW/SW Platform for Video Application" by ahmed ben atitallah from ENIS, Patrice Kadionik from IMS, Nouri Masmoudi from ENIS & Hervé Levi from IMS

-"Designing FPGA Based Reliable Systems Using VirtexTM-5 System Monitor" by Sanjay Kulkarni from Xilinx

10:45 Session: Verification III
Chairman: Olivier Haller (STMicroelectronics)

-"Virtual Prototyping Environment for Multi-core SoC Hardware and Software Development" by Syed Abrar from NXP

-"Creating Interoperable and Reusable Verification IP in SystemVerilog with the Open Verification Methodology (OVM)" by John Rose & Dave Tokic from Cadence Design Systems, Inc. & Dennis Brophy from Mentor Graphics Corporation

-"Advanced techniques for IP design and verification" by Rangarajan Sundaravaradan & Vishwanath Balasubramanian from NXP Semiconductors

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Keynote Talk: Functional Verification of IP: Quo Vadis?

By Dr. Wolfram Büttner
OneSpin Solutions

Panel: Highest Quality IP: Dream or Reality?

Peggy Aycinena
EDA Confidential

- Eric Panu, R&D Group Director of Verification Methodology and VIP, Cadence
- Mark Hampton, CTO, Certess
- Olivier Haller, STMicroelectronics
- Steve Neill, Managing Director, Infineon UK ltd.
- Dr. Wolfram Büttner, CTO, OneSpin Solutions

Open Forum: IP best practice
Chairman: Antonio-Marcello COPPOLA

-"The PCIe IP Market consolidating. Is it necessarely the Commoditization of the PCIe IP?" by Eric ESTEVE

-"The good? The bad? The ugly? IP Perspectives from Vendor to SOC Designer" by Navraj Nandra from Synopsys, Inc, David Chiapinni from Matrox & Massimo Vanzi from Accent

-"Designing Around an Encrypted Netlist: Is The Pain Worth the Gain?" by Scott Barrick from Mentor Graphics

-"A Different Path to IP Success: A Decade-Plus Delivering Cores the CAST Way" by Hal Barbour from CAST, Inc.


Session: SoC design
Chairman: Bill Martin (Mentor Graphics)

-"Delivering compatible IP from Microcontrollers to Mobile Internet Platforms" by Shyam Sadasivan & Haydn Povey from ARM

-"A re-usable architecture for functional isolation of SOCs" by Andrew Jones & Stuart Ryan from STMicroelectronics

-"Improving design turn around time on a complex SoC by leveraging a reusable low power specification" by Herve Menager, Michel Korenhof & Michiel Huiskes from NXP Semiconductors

-"IPTV Development and the Hybrid Set-Top Box" by Keri Waters from Micronas USA

-"Automation in IP based SoC development: Case study of a media processor subsystem" by Haridas Vilakathara from NXP semiconductor


Session: NoC and interconnect
Chairman: S. Murali (EPFL)

-"Placement of different type nodes in a Network-on-chip graph" by Elena Suvorova & Yuriy Sheynin from Saint-Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation

-"XB07: A Highly Reusable Crossbar Architecture for Multiprocessor System on Chip (MPSoC)" by Soeren Sonntag, Helmut Reinig, Stefan Linz, Frank Pitter & Martin Ruhwandl from Infineon Technologies

-"An HDTV SoC based on a mixed circuit-switched / NoC interconnect architecture (STBus/VSTNoC)" by Ignazio Urzi, Claire Bonnet, Philippe D'Audigier & Olivier Sauvage from ST Microlectronics

-"Performance verification methods developed for an HDTV Soc integrating a mixed circuit-switched / NoC interconnect (STBus/VSTNoC)" by Claire BONNET, Ignazio URZI, Philippe D'AUDIGIER & Olivier SAUVAGE from STMicroelectronics







Session: Analog mixed signal
Chairman: Kunihiko Tsuboi (STARC)

-"Designing High Quality Mixed-Signal IP at 65nm and below" by Dino Toffolon & Navraj Nandra from Synopsys

-"Mixed-Signal Verification for USB 2.0 Physical Layer IP" by Hany Bakeer, Omar Shaheen & Haitham Eissa from Mentor Graphics

-"UWB Time-interleaved ADC exploiting SAR" by Silvia Dondi, Marco Bigi, Andrea Boni & Matteo Tonelli from Silis s.r.l.

-"Design, Simulation and Testing of Switched-Capacitor Sigma–Delta ADC" by Gopan George, Sanju Gopal, Biju Oommen & Ravindra Kumar from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing


Session: Architectural synthesis
Chairman: Warren Savage (IPextreme)

-"USB Host IP-Core Hardware And Software Concurrent Development" by Adelmario Douglas from UFPE

-"A fully generic FEC generator for ASIC/FPGA" by Amir H. Farahani, Shahin Haghi Tabrizi, Mohammad Khalilzadeh & Jeyran Hezaveh

-"IPGenius, an on-line configurable IP Generator" by Iakovos Stamoulis, Polytimi Kolokytha, Theodore Roudas & George Sidiropoulos from Think Silicon Ltd

Open Forum: Test and simulation
Chairman: Hein van der Wildt (Fenix-DA)

-"Bridging the DFT and Product Engineering Gap to Achieve Early Silicon Bring-up" by Pankaj Singh from Texas Instruments India (P) Ltd

-"Development and use of an Instruction Set Simulator of 68000-compatible processor core" by Filip Rak from Evatronix SA & Wojciech Sakowski from Silesian University of Technology

-"Preservation of Circuit Structure and Timing during Fault Emulation in FPGA" by Leos Kafka & Martin Danek from UTIA AV CR & Ondrej Novak from Czech Technical University in Prague


Panel: Collaborative platform for Electronic Subsystem

Bill Martin
General Manager, Intellectual Property Division
Mentor Graphics

- Peter Hirt, IP Procurement and IP Partnerships Manager, ST Microelectronics
- Jauher Zaidi, CEO Founder, Palmchip
- Kalar Rajendiran, Senior Director, Marketing, eSilicon
- Rick Tomihiro, Marketing Director, Silicon and Embedded SW IP, Mentor Graphics
- Bill Chown, SLED Product Group Director, Mentor Graphics



15:25 Break

15:30 Open Forum: Systolic and 2D array

-"Systolic FIR Filter IP Based FPGA" by Abdelhamid GOUGAM & Djamel Benazzouz from University of Boumerdes

-"An MDE Approach For Implementing Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration In FPGAs" by IMRAN-RAFIQ QUADRI, SAMY MEFTALI & JEAN-LUC DEKEYSER from LIFL, USTL, INRIA FUTURS

-"VLSI Based On Two-Dimensional Reconfigurable Array Of Processor Elements And Theirs Implementation Of Numerical Algorithms In Real-Time Systems" by Nick Lookin from Institute of Engineering Science, Vadim Bersenev from Urals Division of RAS & Michael Trapeznikoff from SPAA




Session: Test bench and simulation
Chairman: H. Krupnova (STMicroelectronics)

-"eTBc: A Semi-Automatic Testbench Generation Tool" by Isaac Maia & Karina R. G. da Silva from LINCS/CETENE, Leandro Max, Romulo Camara & Elmar U. K. Melcher from Federal University from Campina Grande

-"Validation Approaches for a Product Family" by Leela Bhaskarabhotla, Mee Hing He & Anjali Vishwanath from Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd,

-"Upfront Analysis of Low Power Specification, Assertions and Testbench to Enable Reuse" by Kanwar Singh from Cadence Design Systems


Session: Back end design
Chairman: D. Vellou (CEA/LETI)

-"Integration of Design-for-Analysis in IC Layout Design in meeting the Challenges of Shrinking Technology" by Khim-Hou Lee from Infineon Technologies

-"Enhanced Cross Coupled Low Noise Amplifiers" by Hossam Ali from silicon vision & Khalid Sharaf from Ain shams university

-"IP Gate Count Estimation Methodology during Micro-Architecture Phase" by Kodavalla Vijay Kumar from Wipro Technologies

16:30 Cocktail - BEST IP
Join us for the Best IP Prizes Cocktail and enjoy French Champagne ..

Au revoir and see you next Year


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