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Keynote Talk: State of the Art in Patent Licensing Support (Dec. 5, 8:30-9:00)
By Mike McLean, Vice President of IPinsights
Semiconductor Insights

Today, many technology companies are looking for licensing opportunities outside their core markets; the semiconductor licensing landscape has expanded to include downstream system-level products; and, a new breed of licensor known as the “non-practicing entity” or “troll” has entered the fray.

Increased sophistication of the players means you can no longer intimidate potential licensees with just the sheer size of your pile of patents. It is often difficult for smaller organizations, or those new to licensing, to be noticed without an established reputation and industry credibility. Large corporations generally ignore first notice without solid “evidence of use”.

In this session, Mr. McLean will share:

  • Best practices for licensing support based on Semiconductor Insights 18 years of experience, including participation in virtually every major semiconductor licensing campaign back to 1989;
  • Use of hard evidence as the core of an effective licensing program.
  • Proven approaches Reverse Engineering (RE) in the field of microelectronics, including:
    • Product Teardown
    • Process Analysis
    • Functional Testing
    • Circuit Extraction


Mike McLean, Vice President of IPinsights at Semiconductor Insights, was promoted to his current role in July 2005 after holding a series of progressively senior positions. Mr. McLean’s technical and management posts have included Director of Intellectual Property, Patent Engineer, IP Account Manager, and IP Operations Manager since joining the company in 1996. Mr. McLean led the creation of the Patent Development Business Unit within Semiconductor Insights. As well, Mr. McLean has worked extensively with the technology practices of major law firms, the in-house corporate counsel teams of key technology companies, and external licensing agencies.

Mr. McLean holds a Bachelor of Science, Engineering with First Class Honors from Queens University and is a licensed member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. In recognition of his strong technical and business acumen, Mr. McLean has served as an expert witness in several intellectual property suits on behalf of Semiconductor Insights’ clients.