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Exhibition Program Committee Best IP Awards 2007

Keynote Talk: The Semiconductor IP Market (Dec. 5, 11:40-12:10)
By Jim Tully, Vice President, Chief of Research Semiconductors

Semiconductor IP as a real market can be traced back about 10 years. Over this time the market has changed a lot and a different set of issues now face the industry. Some have said that there is no money to be made in IP yet this sector has outgrown both the EDA and semiconductor markets and is on track to continue that trend. This session will outline the reasons for change in IP and will explore the changing nature of this sector over the next several years.

Key issues to be addressed:
• How has the IP market changed over its relatively short history?
• What are the current drivers for growth in IP?
• How will the semiconductor IP market evolve over the next five years or more?


Jim Tully is vice president and chief of research for semiconductors at Gartner Dataquest. He joined the company 17 years ago and researches topics across the semiconductor spectrum. Particular areas of focus include emerging technologies, intellectual property, design services and long-term industry trends.

Before joining Gartner, Tully worked with Racal Electronics, initially as a system architect and engineering manager focusing on computer networking. He later moved into worldwide marketing management and business management. Before this, he held design roles within the Armstrong Organization (now Mitsubishi), Ferranti, Rediffusion Cable TV and the UK Atomic Energy Authority. In these roles he designed and specified a wide range of electronic systems including computers, communications systems, consumer products and industrial measurement equipment.

Dr. Tully holds Master of Science and PhD degrees in electrical and electronic engineering, and an MBA.