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Missed IP'08 Conference ? Or just want to review what you have heard in a session ?
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About this Event...

IP 08 (IP-Based System Design) will be the 17th edition of the working conference on hot topics in the design world, focusing for the past 7 years on IP-based SoC design and held in the well known Silicon and Alliance Nanometer Valley in the French Alps.

Important Dates

• Deadline for submission of paper summary: September 25, 2008
• Notification of acceptance: October 19, 2008
• Final version of the manuscript: November 9, 2008
• Working conference : December 3-4, 2008

Areas of interest:

IP Best practice
• Business models
• IP Exchange, reuse practice and design for reuse
• IP standards & reuse
• Collaborative IP based design

• IP packaging for Integration
• IP and system configurability
• IP platform based design   
• IP integration in NoC
• DFM and process variability in IP design

Quality and verification
• IP / SoC quality assurance
• IP / SoC prototyping
• IP / SoC verification and virtual prototyping
• IP / SOC transaction level modelling

Paper Submission Procedure

To present a paper during the conference a summary of at least 3 pages is required for any submission. You may also apply to present a seminar paper on the topics that will be announced shortly. You can submit an electronic version of your extended abstract in a Word or PDF format using the Online Submission Form

IP 08 Best Prizes

CEA_leti Each year, the IP/SoC Conference is proud to recognize the excellent, novel, innovative and highly practical design ideas that authors contribute. Excellence in design - whether it be within an IP block or a complete system continue to be the future of the IP/SoC industry. View the winners of the IP/07 Best Design Paper Awards

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In addition to the IP 08 working conference, the attached exhibition gives you the opportunity to see the reality of a SoC connected world. The exhibition will allow you to meet the most advanced suppliers and see the latest products.

Why should you exhibit?

IP 08 provides a turnkey solution to companies wishing to gain face-to-face contact with key players in the IP arena. The table top exhibition involves a low outlay in terms of financial cost, time out of office and organisational responsibilities, and gives a high yield in terms of high quality sales leads and company promotion. IP 08 is a simple way of increasing the products and services you sell and getting your name in front of a highly technical, decision making audience.

Exhibitors, book your space now.


The following keynote and introductive talks are already planned:

Keynote Talks

"Open Innovation Platform and IP" by Douglas Pattulo , European Director, TSMC
"IP Reuse leading the way of Enterprise level IP management" by David Yoon, Sr. Manager of IP Management, Cisco systems
"IP management platforms: A success story" by Gabriele Saucier, CEO, Design And Reuse
"SoC/IP Market Overview and Outlook" by Jim Tully, Vice President, Chief of Research Semiconductors, Gartner
"Research programs and model of collaboration: the Silicon Sea belt program" by Eisaku Ohtsuru, R&D Managing Director , Fukuoka Industry, Science & Technology Foundation
"Behavioral Indexing: A Breakthrough in Design Reuse and IP Modification" by Kathryn Kranen, President and CEO, Jasper Design Automation

Three tracks will respectively address:

The well recognized Panels . Are planned:

"SOC Configurability -- Balancing Manufacturing and R/D Costs" moderated by Jim Tully from Gartner with the participation of Ian Phillips from ARM, Philippe Magarshack from STMicroelectronics, Yakov Levy from MIPS Technologies, Dan Hillman from Transmeta, Syed Zahid AHMED from Menta/Lirmm
"Is TLM 2.0 Truly the Panacea for Interoperability?" moderated by Bill Martin from Mentor Graphics with the participation of Markus Willems from Synopsys, Yossi Veller from Mentor Graphics, Jack Donovan from XtremeEDA Corp.
"Easy Third-Party IP Integration - Fact or Fiction?" moderated by Jim Tully from Gartner with the participation of Xerxes Wania from Sidense, Ralph Morgan from Synopsys, Christophe Frey from ARM, Ange Aznar from Wipro NewLogic, Cesar Martin-Perez from MIPS Technologies
"IP vision for FPGA : Do complex FPGA designs rely on the use of vendor-created and third-party IPs ?" moderated by Dick Selwood from Embedded Technology Journal with the participation of Francois Kleitz from Alcatel Lucent, Stuart Nisbet from Xilinx, Mark Dickinson from Altera, Tom Moore from Actel, Ralph Morgan from Synopsys, Gabriele Saucier from Design And Reuse
"“Quality of Design Flows” or “Flows for Design Quality” ? " moderated by Hein Van Der Wildt from Fenix Design Automation with the participation of Christoph Heer from Infineon, Henrik Pallisgaard from Nangate, Jo Borel from STMicroelectronics, Michel Tabusse from Satin IP Technologies
"When will the Virtual Software Platform hook up to the Virtual Hardware Platform ?" moderated by Pierre Bricaud from Synopsys with the participation of Markus Willems from Synopsys, Peter Flake from Elda Technology , Jakob Engblom from Virtutech, Loic Le Toumelin from Texas Instruments
"Addressing the challenges in Power Modelling at the ESL Level" moderated by Glenn Perry from Mentor Graphics with the participation of Jack Donovan from XtremeEDA, Andrea Battistella from ST-NXP-Wireless, Ian Phillips from ARM

New, visionary scientific seminars on key topics organized by gurus in the field, including invited state of the art academic presentations. Are already planned seminars on:

Network on Chip with presentations from Olivier Bringman (FZI), Antonio-Marcello Coppolla (ST microelectronics), Srinivasan Murali (iNoCs)
Tera-Scale Architectures with presentations from Huy Nam Nguyen (Bull S.A.S. / METASymbiose S.A.S.), Professor Alain Greiner (UPMC/Lip6), Sjoerd MEIJER, Ivan MIRO-PANADES (CEA/Leti)
Verification for Embedded Software IP with presentations from Thomas Schulz (Robert Bosch GmbH), Djones Lettnin (University of Tübingen), Markus Winterholer (Cadence)

Technical sessions discussing the issues to be solved in the IP-based system design arena.

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