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DAY 1: December 3, 2008


07:00 Registration

08:45 Welcome

09:00 Keynote Talk: IP Reuse leading the way of Enterprise level IP management

By David Yoon
Sr. Manager of IP Management
Cisco systems

09:30 Keynote Talk: IP management platforms: A success story

By Gabriele Saucier
Design And Reuse

10:00 Break

10:30 Keynote Talk: SoC/IP Market Overview and Outlook

By Jim Tully
Vice President, Chief of Research Semiconductors

Keynote Talk: Feeding the Beasts: Optimized Shared Memory Solutions for MPSoCs

By Drew Wingard

11:30 Keynote Talk: Research programs and model of collaboration: the Silicon Sea belt program

By Eisaku Ohtsuru
R&D Managing Director
Fukuoka Industry, Science & Technology Foundation






13:00 Panel: When will the Virtual Software Platform hook up to the Virtual Hardware Platform ?

Pierre Bricaud
Director, IP R&D Solutions Group

- Markus Willems, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys
- Peter Flake, Elda Technology
- Jakob Engblom, Technical Marketing Manager , Virtutech
- Loic Le Toumelin , Texas Instruments
13:00 Session: Standard & Integration
Chairman: David Yoon, Sr. Manager of IP Management (Cisco systems )

-"The Value of High Quality IP-XACT XML" by Marc van Hintum1 Hintum from NXP Semiconductors & Paul Williams from Mentor Graphics

-"Assisted creation and refinement of transactional level specifications based on IP-XACT" by Nicolas Laug, Guy Bois & Marc-André Cantin from École Polytechnique de Montréal

-"Refactoring to Prepare RTL for Reuse" by Steve Haynal from Intel Corporation


Session: Configurable Systems
Chairman: Francois Kleitz, Silicon and IP Providers Technical Manager (Alcatel Lucent)

-"Tailored SoC building using reconfigurable IP blocks" by Lodewijk Smit, Gerard Rauwerda, Jochem Rutgers, Maciej Portalski & Reinier Kuipers from Recore Systems

-"CUSTOMIZABLE SoC SPEAr® FROM STMicroelectronics SOLVING TIME TO MARKET ISSUES" by Matteo Mazzola, Bruno Cristofoli, Henry Le Henaff & Alain Pasteur from ST

-"Enabling Secure Integration of Multiple IP Cores in the Same FPGA" by Bassel Soudan from University of Sharjah, Wael Adi from Technical University of Braunschweig, Abdulrahman Hanoun from Technical University of Hamburg


Session: IP Design (1)
Chairman: Paolo Pezzati (Cadence)

-"Practical Design and Implementation of a Configurable DDR2 PHY" by Lior Amarilio from ChipX Best IP Prize Candidate

-"A generalized waveform synthesis mechanism for software radio" by Maurizio Colizza & Fabio Graziosi from Westaquila, Claudia Rinaldi from University of L'Aquila Best IP Prize Candidate

-"DDR SDRAM Controller IP Designed for Reuse" by Alexsandro Bonatto, André Soares & Altamiro Susin from UFRGS Best IP Prize Candidate

-"Stochastic Computation applied to the design of Error Correcting Decoders" by Gordon Harling from WideSail Technologies, Warren Gross & Shie Mannor from McGill University

-"A multi-purpose Digital Controlled Potentiometer IP-Core for nano-scale Integration " by Reimund Wittmann, Ralf Kakerow & Harald Bothe from IP Gen Rechte GmbH, Werner Schardein from University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund Best IP Prize Candidate

Panel: IP vision for FPGA : Do complex FPGA designs rely on the use of vendor-created and third-party IPs ?

Dick Selwood
Embedded Technology Journal

- Francois Kleitz, Silicon and IP Providers Technical Manager, Alcatel Lucent
- Stuart Nisbet, Director of IP Development , Xilinx
- Mark Dickinson, Vice President of Altera's European Technology Cente , Altera
- Tom Moore, Director, IP Development, Actel
- Ralph Morgan, VP of Engineering for Digital IP, Synopsys
- Gabriele Saucier, CEO, Design And Reuse
14:30 Session: High Level Modeling (1)
Chairman: Laurent Ducousso , STMicro

-"An UML-driven Interface Generation Approach for SoC Design with Synthesizable SystemC Code Generation" by André Aziz, Francielle Santos, Daniele Santos, Millena Gomes & Edna Barros from Informatics Center. Federal University of Pernambuco

-"Launchers Avionic Chains modelling based on SystemC for early Hardware-Software breakdown and Interfaces definition" by Arnaud Stransky & Laurent Chevalier from Astrium

-"Advances in SoC and Processor Modeling Methodologies" by Syed Saif Abrar from NXP


Session: SoC Design and Reuse (2)
Chairman: Kunihiro Asada (University of Tokyo)

-"IP-based toolbox for digital signal processing reuse: Application to Real-time Spike sorting" by Timothée Levi, Jean-François Bêche, Stéphane Bonnet & Régis Guillemaud from CEA-LETI, DTBS/STD/LE2S

-"A Cost-Optimized Set-Top Box Architecture" by Stuart Ryan from STMicroelectronics, Andrew Jones from STMicroelectronics, Robert Deaves from STMicroelectronics Best IP Prize Candidate

-"Migrating from SPI 4.2 to SPI 5 IP Core – Architectural Changes and Re-usability" by Kaushal Buch from eInfochips Ltd.


Session: IP Design (2)
Chairman: Kunihiko Tsuboi (STARC)

-"uBIP: A Simplified Microcontroller Architecture for Education in Embedded Systems Design " by Maicon PEREIRA & Cesar ZEFERINO from UNIVALI

-"A 1-10Gbps SerDes IP in 65nm CMOS Technology" by Afshin Rezayee, Angus McLaren, Saman Sadr, Robert Wang & Mehrdad Ramezani from SnowbushIP Best IP Prize Candidate

-"Debug and testability features for multi-protocol 10G SerDes" by Claude Gauthier, Shaishav Desai & Sanjay Dabral from Prism Circuits





Panel: Easy Third-Party IP Integration - Fact or Fiction?

Jim Tully
VP Distinguished Analyst

- Xerxes Wania, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sidense
- Ralph Morgan, Senior Director of Engineering , Synopsys
- Christophe Frey, ARM
- Ange Aznar, Director of Semiconductor IP Engineering, Wipro NewLogic
- Cesar Martin-Perez , Vice President, European Operations, MIPS Technologies

Session: High Level Modeling (2)
Chairman: Laurent Ducousso , STMicro

-"How high-level synthesis can raise the efficiency of design reuse" by Thomas Bollaert from Mentor Graphics Corporation

-"UML-based Design of a JPEG-LS IP via Axilica FalconML" by Scott Moyers, Robert Thomson, Vassilios Chouliaras & David Mulvaney from Axilica

-"SystemVerilog-VHDL-SystemC Verification IP Reuse Methodology" by Gaurav Kumar-Verma & Rudra Mukherjee from Mentor Graphics

Session: SoC Design and Reuse (1)
Chairman: Ian Phillips (ARM)

-"Embedded Software Architecture Specification Developments in Support of SoC Design and Re-use" by Robert Deaves, Andrew Jones & Stuart Ryan from STMicroelectronics

-"SoC IP Interfaces and Infrastructure: A Hybrid Approach" by Cary Robins & Shannon Hill from ChipWrights

-"A Re-Usable Level 2 cache Architecture" by Andrew Jones, Mark Hill, Mark Beaumont, James Pascoe & Stuart Ryan from STMicroelectronics

16:30 Seminar: IP-XACT Users’ Group First European Meeting

Adam Morawiec


Session: Business Model
Chairman: Peter Hirt (STMicroelectronics)

-"from IP re-use to Open Innovation: a new industry trend" by Patrick Blouet from STMicroelectronics

-"Break-up of the Fabless Semiconductor Model – Has the time come?" by Paul Slaby from Kaben Wireless Silicon

-"In 2010, PCIe, SATA and USB IP Market will represent $200M" by Eric Esteve from Snowbush (Consultant)


18:00 Industry Organizations - An Overview
Ian Mackintosh
Chairman and President

OCP-IP SLD New Generation : Using OSCI-TLM-2.0 to Model a Real Bus Protocol at Multiple Levels of Abstraction
Mark Burton




19:15 Banquet
Join us for knowing more about French traditional food and wine from French regions and enjoying our friendly community ambiance .

DAY 2: December 4, 2008





09:00 Keynote Talk: Open Innovation Platform and IP

By Douglas Pattulo
European Director

Keynote Talk: Behavioral Indexing: A Breakthrough in Design Reuse and IP Modification

By Kathryn Kranen
President and CEO
Jasper Design Automation

Seminar: Verification for Embedded Software IP

Oliver Bringmann

- Thomas Schulz, Robert Bosch GmbH
- Djones Lettnin, University of Tübingen
- Markus Winterholer, Cadence

09:30 Panel: Addressing the challenges in Power Modelling at the ESL Level

Glenn Perry
G.M., ESL and HDL Design Creation
Mentor Graphics

- Jack Donovan , President, XtremeEDA
- Andrea Battistella, Virtual Platform Manager of Application Processor division, ST-NXP-Wireless
- Ian Phillips , ARM Fellow, ARM
09:30 Session: IP Quality

-"Embedded Software IP Verification" by Markus Winterholer from Cadence Design Systems

-"Requirements for intellectual properties in safety critical airborne electronic hardware" by Pascal Pampagnin from airbus

-"ipPROCESS: A Usage of an IP-core Development Process to Achieve Time-to-Market and Quality Assurance in a Multi Project Environment" by Francielle Santos, André Aziz, Daniele Santos, Millena Gomes & Edna Barros from Federal University of Pernambuco

-"Semiconductor IP Quality – A User guide" by Gerardo Nahum & Omri Raisman from Rosetta IP

10:00 Break

10:30 Break

Seminar: Tera-Scale Architectures

Huy Nam Nguyen
Bull S.A.S. / METASymbiose S.A.S.

- Huy Nam Nguyen, Bull S.A.S. / METASymbiose S.A.S.
- Professor Alain Greiner, UPMC/Lip6
- Sjoerd MEIJER, ACE

Panel: SOC Configurability -- Balancing Manufacturing and R/D Costs

Jim Tully

- Ian Phillips, ARM
- Philippe Magarshack , STMicroelectronics
- Yakov Levy , MIPS Technologies
- Dan Hillman , Transmeta
- Syed Zahid AHMED, Menta/Lirmm
11:00 Session: NoC & SoC
Chairman: Srinivasan Murali, Co-founder and CTO (iNoCs)

-"A Set of VHDL IPs to Evaluate Performance of Netwoks-on-Chip" by Thiago PEREIRA & Cesar ZEFERINO from UNIVALI

-"A Twenty-four Processors System on Chip FPGA Design" by Zhoukun Wang & Hammami Omar from ENSTA ParisTech

-"Networks-on-Chip with Reprogrammable Interconnections" by Yuriy Sheynin & Elena Suvorova from Saint-Ptersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation

-"A new Buffering Algorithm for data and commands over a high speed interconnect" by Manjunath R & Vikas Jain


Session: Verification (1)
Chairman: Bill Martin (Mentor Graphics)

-"Automating Protocol Compliance Verification Using Metric Driven Verification" by Erez Kovshi, Tamar Meshulum, Levent Caglar & Pete Heller from Cadence Design Systems

-"Finding out the right verification methodology for SOC verification" by Rajiv Gupta from HCL TECHNOLOGIES LTD

-"Learning Not to Fear PCI Express Compliance Using a Predictable, Metrics Driven Methodology" by Mike Bartley & Jim Hutchinson from ClearSpeed Technology Plc & Dimitry Pavlovsky & Pete Heller from Cadence Design Systems

12:00 Lunch

Panel: “Quality of Design Flows” or “Flows for Design Quality” ?

Hein Van Der Wildt
Fenix Design Automation

- Christoph Heer , Senior Director, Infineon
- Henrik Pallisgaard, Co-Founder and VP of Development , Nangate
- Jo Borel, ex-VP, STMicroelectronics
- Michel Tabusse, CEO, Satin IP Technologies
13:00 Session: Prototyping (1)
Chairman: Helena Krupnova (STMicroelectronics)

-"A Platform for Performance Validation of memory controllers" by Ramchandra Vibhute, Manikandan Panchapakesan & Haridas V from NXP semiconductors, Bangalore

-"H.264 Baseline Encoder with ADI Blackfin DSP and Hardware Accelerators" by Anand V Kulkarni from Wipro Technologies, Bangalore, Mark Cox & Shankar Malladi from Analog Devices Inc. & Issam Nsibi from Ebsys Technology

-"Embedded software development using an interpretive instruction set simulator" by Wojciech Sakowski from Institute of Electronics, Silesian University of Technology & Łukasz Mirek & Filip Rak from Evatronix

13:00 Seminar: Network on Chip

Srinivasan Murali
Co-founder and CTO

- Olivier Bringman, FZI
- Antonio-Marcello Coppolla, ST microelectronics
- Srinivasan Murali , Co-founder and CTO , iNoCs
13:00 Session: Verification (2)
Chairman: Thierry Pfirsch (Alcatel Lucent)

-"Generic and Automatic Specman based Verification Environment for Image Signal Processing IPs" by Abhishek Jain, Mahesh Chandra, Arnaud Deleule & Saurin Patel from STMicroelectronics

-"Improving Software Driver Development and Hardware Verification Productivity using Virtual Platforms" by Frank Schirrmeister, Sam Tennant & Markus Willems from Synopsys

-"Transactions in an OVM SystemVerilog Verification Environment" by Rich Edelman from Mentor Graphics

-"TRACE BASED APPROACH FOR UNIT LEVEL DEBUG AND VERIFICATION OF C/C++ IP MODELS" by Amit Nene & Swaminathan Ramachandran from Texas Instruments

14:30 Break
14:30 Break

15:00 Panel: Is TLM 2.0 Truly the Panacea for Interoperability?

Bill Martin
Mentor Graphics

- Markus Willems, OSCI Board Member , Synopsys
- Yossi Veller , ESL design technologist , Mentor Graphics
- Jack Donovan , President, XtremeEDA Corp.
15:00 Session: Prototyping (2)
Chairman: Syed Zahid Ahmed (Menta/Lirmm)

-"Fast Design Productivity for Embedded Multiprocessor Through Multi-FPGA Emulation The case of a 48-way Multiprocessor with NOC " by Xinyu LI & Omar HAMMAMI from ENSTA ParisTech

-"EDA tools and Design Methodology for multi-FPGA Designing/ Prototyping" by Barun Kumar De & Shridhar Laddha from SoftJin Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

-"Developing high simulation speed VLIW processor model for software development" by Mohit Paul & Syed Saif Abrar from NXP

15:00 Session: Technology Impact
Chairman: Hein Van Der Wildt, CEO (Fenix Design Automation)

-"Analog IP Integration in SoC: Challenges and Solutions" by Pankaj Singh from Infineon Technologies

-"Integrated Power Management, Leakage Control and Process Compensation Technology for Advanced Processes" by Dan Hillman from Transmeta Corporation

-"Comprehensive tool for on-chip ESD protection design to achieve first-time-right success" by Bart Keppens, Ilse Backers, Wim Vanhouteghem & Pieter Donck from Sarnoff Europe

16:30 Cocktail - BEST IP
Join us for the Best IP Prizes Cocktail and enjoy French Champagne ..

Au revoir and see you next Year


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