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Keynote Talk: IP Reuse leading the way of Enterprise level IP management
Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM | Room: Auditorium
By David Yoon, Sr. Manager of IP Management
Cisco systems

IP Reuse at enterprise level? Many have questioned whether it is realistic given the many challenges and even doubted that it will work at all. After year long planning, Cisco started ASIC IP Reuse at enterprise scale last year. One year after the program began, we have won many doubters over to supporting the program. This keynote will address what were the key factors for this initial success and the obstacles to overcome and how this reuse effort and success will shape the future of IP management.


David Yoon has been in high-tech product development for over 22 years, and currently a senior manager at Cisco Systems responsible for leading ASIC Operations. David has a strong R&D background including ASIC development and management, FPGA/HW designs, System Architect, Collaborative Eng, and Engineering operations, However his main strength comes from his unique combination of in-depth experience of architect/design/management/program management at both start-ups and enterprise class companies. He is credited as the inventor of IP Reuse program at Cisco and awarded as an executive roundtable winner for ASIC Design Process. He graduated from Boston University with Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.