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Keynote Talk: Behavioral Indexing: A Breakthrough in Design Reuse and IP Modification
Thursday, December 4, 2008, 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
By Kathryn Kranen, President and CEO
Jasper Design Automation

The increasing complexities of modern SoCs and short time-to-market requirements have made the efficient reuse of in-house and 3rd party IPs an essential cost-saving measure. Given that most IP requires some degree of modification before reuse, it is critical to address the root problem of efficient comprehension, modification, and re-verification in design reuse and third party IP integration.

A promising new technology - Behavioral Indexing - is the key innovation aimed at solving scalability problems around design reuse and IP delivery.

How would every SoC project be different, in terms of reduced costs and risks, once engineers can do the following?
• Understand any behavior of a digital IP block - without access to the original design author
• Safely retarget an IP block for new use cases
• Automatically detect implications from IP design or environment changes

Behavioral Indexing promises dramatic SoC schedule and cost savings by increasing the leverage of existing design IPs, whether internally developed or commercially purchased.


Kathryn Kranen is responsible for leading Jasper’s team in bringing the company’s pioneering technology to the mainstream design verification market. She has 15 years EDA industry experience and a proven management track record, serving as president and CEO of Verisity Design, Inc., US headquarters of Verisity Ltd. Kathryn and the team she built created an entirely new market in design verification. Verisity later became a public company, and was the top-performing IPO of 2001. Prior to Verisity, Kathryn was vice president of North American sales at Quickturn Systems. She started her career as a design engineer at Rockwell International, and later joined Daisy Systems, an early EDA company. Kathryn graduated Summa cum Laude from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Kathryn currently serves as Vice Chair of the EDA Consortium board of directors.