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Panel: Easy Third-Party IP Integration - Fact or Fiction?
Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM | Room: Auditorium

The Holy Grail of semiconductor IP customers is to purchase, at a reasonable price, third-party IP that they can integrate into their chips trouble-free. Unfortunately, this is not always what happens. All too often, each individual design requires customized assistance from the IP vendor and takes more time and money than originally envisioned.

This roundtable will discuss the problems associated with third-party IP integration and what needs to be done by the IP vendor, IP integrator and other organizations, such as IP portals, to ease the pain of using “outside” IP in SoCs.


Jim Tully
VP Distinguished Analyst
Jim Tully is vice president and chief of research for semiconductors at Gartner Dataquest. He joined the company 17 years ago and researches topics across the semiconductor spectrum. Particular areas of focus include emerging technologies, intellectual property, design services and long-term industry trends. Before joining Gartner, Tully worked with Racal Electronics, initially as a system architect and engineering manager focusing on computer networking. He later moved into worldwide marketing management and business management. Before this, he held design roles within the Armstrong Organization (now Mitsubishi), Ferranti, Rediffusion Cable TV and the UK Atomic Energy Authority. In these roles he designed and specified a wide range of electronic systems including computers, communications systems, consumer products and industrial measurement equipment. Dr. Tully holds Master of Science and PhD degrees in electrical and electronic engineering, and an MBA.


Xerxes Wania
President and Chief Executive Officer
Xerxes Wania has over 15 years of experience in marketing, sales and engineering in the semiconductor intellectual property industry. He was most recently the Director of Mixed-Signal Marketing at Synopsys (Nasdaq: SNPS) where he was involved in marketing and business development activities for Synopsys’ mixed-signal semiconductor IP products. Prior to Synopsys, Xerxes was the President of inSilicon Canada and Vice President of Mixed-Signal Business for inSilicon (Nasdaq: INSN) worldwide. inSilicon was a semiconductor IP market leader before being acquired by Synopsys in 2002. Xerxes successfully grew inSilicon Canada into a profitable business and in 2001 was listed among the Top 50 Canada’s Hottest Startups. Xerxes was also previously the founder and CEO of Xentec Inc, a successful Intellectual Property company in Ontario, Canada.


Ralph Morgan
Senior Director of Engineering
Ralph Morgan is currently a Senior Director of Engineering for Synopsys, Inc. where he has spent the last 12 years working in the DesignWare IP group. He currently manages development of Digital IP, Verification IP, and advanced Datapath IP for the Synopsys DesignWare portfolio. He has strong interests in IP Quality and standards that help ASIC designers to efficiently and reliably integrate IP into complex SoC designs.


Christophe Frey


Ange Aznar
Director of Semiconductor IP Engineering
Wipro NewLogic
Mr. Ange joined NewLogic in 2003 and is in charge of the Engineering group developing the company's wired and wireless Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio. He spent 15 years in IBM, within the Telecom and Semiconductors groups holding several positions - IC designer, Product Engineering Specialist, Engineering Manager of the High Speed Switching technologies development group. He also worked for a couple of Start-ups in the High Speed Serial Link area, as Senior Architect and Development Manager before joining NewLogic.

Mr. Ange has 23 years of rich industry experience in the international context in the Data Communication and Semiconductor industries. He holds an Engineering degree from University of Nice, France.


Cesar Martin-Perez
Vice President, European Operations
MIPS Technologies
Cesar Martin-Perez began his career with MIPS Technologies in 2000, and was appointed Vice President of European Operations in 2002. Mr. Martin-Perez is responsible for overall operations as well as the management of sales, marketing and business development activities throughout the UK, Europe and Israel.

Mr. Martin-Perez has also held senior sales and business development positions at Mentor Graphics, Cadence Design Systems, Calay Systems and Kontron Datensystems.