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Panel: When will the Virtual Software Platform hook up to the Virtual Hardware Platform ?
Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM | Room: Auditorium

SW Virtual Platforms and HW ones have different requirements . The single model that would evolve all along the prouduct design life time is stil a dream. Nevertheless lot of efforts are done to reuse sources and use cases for both Platforms and to minimize manual interventions in the evolution process.


Pierre Bricaud
Director, IP R&D Solutions Group


Markus Willems
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Markus Willems, PhD, joined Synopsys in 1999 and is currently senior product marketing manager for System-Level Solutions at Synopsys, based at Aachen, Germany. In addition, he serves as the Synopsys member on the OSCI board of directors. Previous to that position, Dr. Willems was European marketing manager for verification and system-level products. Before joining Synopsys, Dr. Willems was product marketing manager at dSPACE, Paderborn, Germany. He holds an MBA (Wirt-Ing.) from Hagen University and a Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) and M.Sc (Dipl.-Ing.) in Electrical Engineering from Aachen University of Technology.


Peter Flake
Elda Technology


Jakob Engblom
Technical Marketing Manager
Technical Marketing Manager for Virtutech, based in Stockholm, Sweden. PhD in Computer Systems from Uppsala University, MSc in Computer Science from Uppsala University.


Software developers have different requirements from hardware developers when it comes to virtual platforms. Speed, scope, and features are more important than precise details. This does affect how models are designed and written.


Loic Le Toumelin
Texas Instruments
Loic Le Toumelin has a long experience in SC design in TI. He is now leading the Digital Design Methodology in the Wireless Division, with a personal focus on R&D efficiency and ESL technologies. Loic is also on the Board of Directors of the Spirit Consortium where he represents TI.