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Seminar: Verification for Embedded Software IP
Thursday, December 4, 2008, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM | Room: 2

The amount of software in embedded systems has increased significantly over the last years and, therefore, the verification of embedded software is of fundamental importance. This session gives an overview and examples on verification processes and verification tools mainly from an industrial point of view.

The first presentation shows how Bayesian Networks are applied in industrial software development processes to support project managers on their daily decisions. It describes the benefits and pitfalls when applying belief networks on software engineering processes in an automotive development environment. Historical and current data obtained from an automotive industry software production process is used to build the belief network models. The different aspects of the model explained throughout this paper aim at making project planning, execution and review more successful.

The second presentation presents different approaches to verify temporal properties in embedded software. They cover formal verification techniques like model checking up to simulation-based verification using assertions. Different tools have been applied to case studies of embedded software from automotive applications and the results will be presented.

The third contribution explains how software as well as hardware of embedded systems can be verified in an integrated verification environment. The commonly deployed process is to verify the hardware first and then execute as much software as possible before committing the design to fabrication. The presentation presents a new methodology to improve the SoC verification process. The aim of this methodology is to produce higher quality designs by exposing the hidden corner cases to move embedded software from execution and inspection to verification.


Oliver Bringmann


Thomas Schulz
Robert Bosch GmbH
Belief Networks modelling Software Engineering Processes


Djones Lettnin
University of Tübingen
Verification of Temporal Properties in Embedded Software


Markus Winterholer
Embedded Software IP Verification