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Session: High Level Modeling (1)
Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM | Room: 1

Moderated by:
Laurent Ducousso ,

  • "An UML-driven Interface Generation Approach for SoC Design with Synthesizable SystemC Code Generation" by AndrĂ© Aziz, Francielle Santos, Daniele Santos, Millena Gomes & Edna Barros from Informatics Center. Federal University of Pernambuco

  • "Launchers Avionic Chains modelling based on SystemC for early Hardware-Software breakdown and Interfaces definition" by Arnaud Stransky & Laurent Chevalier from Astrium

  • "Advances in SoC and Processor Modeling Methodologies" by Syed Saif Abrar from NXP