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D&R Seminar

A flexible Enterprise platform for IP and Knowledge Sharing
December 2, 2008 - 4 P.M to 6 P.M
Location: IP'08 Conference, World trade Center, Grenoble ( France)


Engineers and managers responsible for IP and Knowledge sharing in an Enterprise .The Audience will be limited .


It appeared over years that one of the major bottlenecks for succeeding IP sharing in a company was the lack of a flexible dedicated server based enterprise platform. Over a decade D&R created such a flexible platform fulfilling such a need and consolidated its product based on feedbacks and acceptance of major large accounts.
In this seminar D&R will report on the fundamental choices made for its Enterprise platform and demonstrating why this was the right track to success


  • The Basic architectural questions features will be discussed  first:

    • Which architecture should be selected for implementing a Reuse Station on an intranet server?

    • Why is a XML layer encapsulating a data base the ultimate winning solution

    • Meta data documentation and file storage : How do they fit together ?

    • How can the designer effectively and easily submit and share without overhead

  • The configuration power provided by the encapsalution  XML layer :The key of the success

    • Sharing information between designers

    • Meta data and cataloguing based on XML pseudo schemes

    • Repository and revision  control; Why and how can an IP version be shared without designer overhead

    • Configurable administration scheme

    • Optimizing the entry of external supplier IPs and designer support

  • The success story as a proof of the right architecture and implementation selection

Register now for free, as the audience will be limited in terms of participants.