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Best IP Awards 2008

Best IP/SoC Awards 2008 have been delivered under the sponsorship of CEA/LETI.

1) "A multi-purpose Digital Controlled Potentiometer  IP-Core for nano-scale Integration" by Reimund Wittmann, Ralf Kakerow and Harald Bothe (IP GEN Rechte GmbH, Bochum, Germany), Werner Schardein (University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund, Germany)

Presenting Authorís biography
Reimund Wittmann is currently the CTO of IP GEN Rechte GmbH. He has been contributing to the field of analog circuit design and RF-accurate system modelling techniques for telecommunication applications. Reimund Wittmann received his Dipl. Ing. degree in electrical engineering from the Gerhard Mercator University of Duisburg in 1991. He joined Nokia GmbH in 1996 after serving 5 years as Research Engineer for Fraunhofer Institute IMS in Duisburg. During his tenure with Nokia until 2008, Reimund Wittmann has held several positions including Assistant Research Manager, Principal Engineer and finally Research Leader since 2007.

About IP GEN Rechte GmbH (IPGEN)
Founded in 2006 and located in Stuttgart and Bochum, Germany. IPGEN started operations in early 2007 and offers quality mixed signal IP and provides EDA solutions focusing on design efficiency, quality enhancement/assurance and cost reduction.  IPGENís powerful EDA product family 1STONE enables customers to reduce time to market for IP design significantly and also to share/reuse analog hard IP across process and design framework borders with redefined specifications. Further information is available at

2) "A generalized waveform synthesis mechanism for software radio" by Maurizio Colizza & Fabio Graziosi from Westaquila, Claudia Rinaldi from University of L'Aquila