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Grenoble industry

Pratical informations
A major European centre :

With an industrial fabric, comprising multinationals and innovating SMEs, and a scientific and technological environment of international standing, Grenoble-Isère is a major centre for information and communications technology. The balance and the various forms of synergy between the universities, research and industry, the quality of the workforce, the large number of international companies, efficient subcontracting and logistics services, the advantages of its position in the centre of the Rhône-Alpes region, the second most important in France in economic terms, all contribute to the success of the area.

All these assets have contributed to the development of a genuine business community.
Three sectors account for 27 000 jobs in industry and research. Constantly on the increase, there a total of 24 000 jobs in industry and services and 3 000 jobs in public research, overall.


A major European centre for microelectronics :

Grenoble-Isère is also an important European centre for microelectronics, on account of its integrated circuit technology and microtechnology facilities.
ST Microelectronics, LETI-CEA and France Telecom R&D have pooled their sub-micronic technology research resources, with production centred at ST Microelectronics, number 2 in Europe.
The advances in reducing the size of circuits - with the objective of achieving 0.17 micron fabrication processes on 300 mm wafers by the end of the century, the low-power components produced by SOITEC, the field emission display technology developed by LETI, and PHS for MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) are some of the best examples of the vitality and sophistication of the microelectronics business in Grenoble-Isère. The system integrators located here contribute their know-how to transform technological advances into industrial success stories.

In 2002, Motorola joins Philips - ST Microelectronics R&D alliance for 90- to 32-nm processes for 300-mm wafers.

STMicroelectronics - Philips - Motorola / Crolles II

Minatec came into existence at the instigation of CEA-Leti Grenoble and INP Grenoble. Its ambition is to become Europe's top centre for innovation and expertise in micro and nanotechnology.
It is one of the few sites in the world to possess sufficient scientific, technological and industrial resources to achieve this objective.
The centre will take form by developing cooperation networks and strategic alliances with complementary centres of excellence in France and elsewhere in the world.

A particularly dense industrial fabric and dynamic research in professional electronics :
With 6 500 industrial jobs in professional electronics, Grenoble-Isère stands out in four fields: automation and industrial control systems, with Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Jay Electronique, etc.; the passive components industry with Radiall, which manufactures coaxial connectors and cables, as well as components for optical fibre networks; surface-mounted components, produced by SCI France, in partnership with Hewlett-Packard; and, finally, tubes and screens with Thomson ITE, the world leader in this field. In addition, Grenoble's universities have developed numerous industrial partnerships in power electronics (with the ELESA research federation) and imaging.

The computer industry brings together a remarkably large number of companies and organizations :
The computer industry, which accounts for the largest number of jobs, comprises computer manufacturers and software developers. Grenoble-Isère is well represented in the network and telecommunications business, thanks to several major groups, numerous dynamic SMEs and several important research centres, and has scored major successes in communicating and distributed systems and network technology. Of particular note in this field are Hewlett-Packard, Bull, Cap Gemini, Sun Microsystems, Rank Xerox, INRIA and UJF with IMAG. Multimedia and knowledge servers, dedicated technologies for mobile computing and software development, particularly for healthcare, make Grenoble-Isère one of the leading centres in Europe, for both industry and research.

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