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The reputation enjoyed by Grenoble and Rhone-Alpes for its quality of life is explained by the exceptional natural environment and the diversity of urban and cultural life in the region.

On account of Grenoble-Isère's central position in the French Alps, its population may easily go skiing, hiking, mountaineering, paragliding and so on. In 1968, Grenoble was host to the Winter Olympics and today it is surrounded by three natural parks. The numerous mountain lakes and the proximity of the Mediterranean provide plenty of scope for sailing.

With a large number of students from abroad, city life is cosmopolitan and lively. In addition to its own attractions, Grenoble-Isère is close to Lyon, Geneva, Italy and the French Riviera. Artistic life in the area is promoted by Musée de Grenoble and Lyon Opera House, as well as numerous smaller facilities.

The quality of life and the reputation of Grenoble-Isère for science and technology make it a very attractive location for executives from all over the world.
Over 35 different nationalities are represented in the Grenoble area. Newcomers will find a pleasant environment and a choice of accommodation to suit their expectations and budget.

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