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Seminar: Enterprise platform for Internal and External IPs management
Tuesday December 1, 2009, 15:30 - 17:00 | Room: Mont Blanc


This seminar will present how the key ingredients for succeeding both internal Reuse and external IP management have been identified over the last decade namely the sharing of design information on an intranet corporate server .Concise and precise information about the design flow the design history and all relevant data have to be shared in a very efficient way
It has been proven that the technical enabler is an extensive use of XML design tagging and XML based exchange
As a final result this led to the definition an optimized multi application Enterprise platform dedicated to information sharing among systems designers with a broader spectrum of applications

Four applications will be demonstrated during this seminar

  • Application 1: From a Product Catalog Station to a distributed Database XML Viewer

    Initially, the most powerful features of the platform is the ability to generate flexible, evolving product catalogs that can be easily be browsed by authorized users. The catalogs are based on a library of XML formats assigned to a catalog or categories within a catalog. A large variety of format leaf types (attributes, images, URL, bridges to related panels...) as well as an extensible unit library allows to cover an unlimited set of application domains. Easy Mapping to new formats guarantees life time support. Massive and automated data import from any electronic support (Excel file for instance) as well data Import/Export through firewalls makes this product's catalog technology unique for supporting external supplier product catalogs in an intranet.
    Within a large multi site company it can also be viewed as a centralized XML user friendly Viewer collecting views or data stored in decentralized databases. It brings strong management benefit (unification of part numbers, information sharing and merging etc…). Data may stay in their native locations visible through XML links or centralized at the server location. Bulk attachment of files together with a file naming convention will contribute to enhance significantly the overall corporate product management.

  • Application 2: Internal Silicon IP (Intellectual Property) and Design Reuse Station

    One of the first successful applications is the implementation of an IP Exchange Station in IC design companies. On the platform, a catalog offers reusable blocks proposed by the design teams and validated by a Reuse management team. In a so called associated Packaging station, Design files of the IPs are (XML) tagged, attached to a reference profile or can be imported as whole from the native Design Database. Design files can then be downloaded by authorized design teams according to a Download protocol defining the approval process. IP Files are stored in a centralized repository under revision control thus providing improved safety and independency with respect to the native database.

  • Application 3: External Supplier Product License management and ordering for multi site companies

    Managing worldwide products ( IP and Software) licensing within corporate agreements for supplier products in the name of all decentralized corporate divisions aims at saving designer’s time thus increasing their productivity as well as controlling the license costs.
    Directly connected to the External Supplier catalogs, license requests are controlled by managers through license request panels and the workflow of approvals is optimized across the corporation. The status of licenses requests and licenses running all over the geographical centers is displayed at the management levels and cost saving by license sharing becomes straightforward. Ordering a package of products is handled as a hierarchical set of license requests (IP and software) and follows the same workflow than basic licenses.

  • Application 4: Configurable Products Documentation Center

    Generating the right documentation configuration of a client product targeting the right client options (technical parameters, language, relevant security protocol. etc...) without redundancy and with a powerful revision control system has been the challenge of the new features in this platform. If you add a server based friendly GUI as well as On the fly,On demand documentation generation and delivery, it becomes obvious that this platform solves the main requirements and brings golden advantages both for internal usage and customer relation.



Gabriele Saucier
Design And Reuse
Gabriele Saucier received her PhD from the University of Grenoble, where she was a professor and headed a research lab on Integrated System Design. She has published more than 350 papers in the design and EDA fields. Dr. Saucier is an IEEE fellow for her contributions in synthesis, test generation and fault tolerance. Leaving her university career, in the 1990s she founded a synthesis company, IST (Innovative Synthesis Technologies), mainly dedicated to FPGA synthesis, and in 1997 Design and Reuse, dedicated to IP-based design. She has launched two successful conferences – Euroasic and IP/SoC.


Philippe Ozil
Design And Reuse