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Session: Design Methodology
Tuesday December 1, 2009, 17:15 - 18:45 | Room: Mont Blanc

Moderated by:

Jean-Michel Moutin
  • "Implementing Different Power Features in an IP" by Sayandeep Nag (Synopsys )

  • "COMSIS 802.11n: an IP to reuse - a flexible platform for design" by Roxana Ojeda (COMSIS) Best IP Prize Candidate

  • "Wired Interface IP: and the winner is..." by Eric Esteve (IPnest)

  • "A Pipelined Multiprocessor SoC Design Methodology for Streaming Signal Processing" by Chen Ching-Han (National Central University)

  • "Efficient ASIP Design Methodology" by Selim Zoghlami (CEA - LIST)