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Short Facts about IP/SoC 2004

Short Facts about IP/SoC 2004

IP/SOC 2004 was hold in Grenoble (France) December 8h and 9th, 2004 and has gone through a new significant growth step.

The audience which grew from 200 in 2002  to 320 registered participants in 2003  has  reached this year 400 registered participants. These numbers show that the impact of the event is expanding .IP/SoC event  gets momentum all over the world and will obviously be a more and more significant event in the next years.

Attendee Growth

Academic versus industry representative

The audience analysis shows that IP/SoC is essentially a high technical industrial forum and only 7 % of the audience comes from academy; One of the reason could be that the topic attached to IP based design is not yet a mature concept and that universities have a hard time to contribute but nevertheless it is obvious that topics such as collaborative design and verification are hot theoretical topics and consequently  the conference intends to favor academic participation in the future

IP/SoC 2004 audience distribution

The second feature of the audience is a good international representation (28 countries represented ). The participation of the U.S with 15 % of the audience is quite good followed by the Asian representation reaching 11% especially due to worldwide travel restriction; Of course this event located in Europe is a chance for European companies to participate actively and 73% of the  audience being European is a good point.

The local audience stays significant  (15%) ;Remember that in 2003 it went from  10  to 30 % and the stabilization to 15% looks reasonable and will possibly be confirmed next year ; This regional participation stays of high value as many visitors come to Grenoble partly as it is  the European high tech capital due to the  presence of the worldwide renown “ Alliance” ( ST, Motorola, Philips) in Crolles a suburb of Grenoble  ;Many visitors expect to have a chance of exchanging their views with these major players ;

The origin in terms of application fields follows the distribution of the IP market in general, so no big surprise on this point.

Application field of the participants of IP/SoC 2004

An important feature is the profile of the attendees :it can be noticed that exactly half  of the audience are unit managers up to senior management level thus decision makers; Engineers represent 26 % while academic are limited to 7 % of the audience ;the proportion of sales marketing representatives is low but reasonable (5%) ;IP/SoC intends not to become a sales/ marketing forum

IP/SoC 2004 Participant Position

About the content the keynote talks have been very well balanced with a broad coverage  of the SoC field  ranging from:

-the Foundry level with  excellent prospective  from Tower Semiconductors
-the Asic provider such as LSI Logic presenting IP based Asic Platform approach
-the  FPGA world where Xilinx executive pointed out the importance of the IP based design paradigm for the programmable device vendor which has become vital in the

On the content itself the conference has very special features in keeping its worldwide unique balance between technical and product information ;The conference succeeds to obtain from the speakers highly technical and scientific information but dealing with real world products ,innovation and trends ;This is just amazing and differentiates IP/SOC Series events from all other events ;This feature is reflected by the form ( distribution among panels and papers) and  by the paper content;

The panels play a major role in this event; they are devoted to extra hot topics in the field ;Thus this year, the press announcement and the discussion about the IP packaging standard proposal from the consortium Spirit mainly led by European IDMs (ST, Philips)  ,Arm and EDA vendors was a key focus ;It demonstrated the power of this event for launching such an initiative and establishing pre standards in this field .To illustrate a not  interest for such initiative a special prize was given to the Spirit participation to this event and delivered to Ralph Von Vignau

The other panels mainly the IP business panel moderated by Jim Tully (Gartner Dataquest), design platform moderated by Doug Amos from Synplicity, ESL panel and verification panel both moderated by Michael Santarini (EEtimes) were exciting and correspond to well known issues in the IP based design world ;the last panel mainly the multithread panel moderated by Tom Petersen (MIPS Technologies) addressed  the important topic of configurable processor core

49 Technical papers of high quality were delivered in sessions following the hot “topics (design platform, verification) and like each year design methodology together with the impact of nanotechnology led to “Design methodology” session with a total number of 11 papers

Note also that the speaker’s origin geographical distribution is quite exciting; It is close to a balanced representation of the 3 continents and this is very encouraging;

Speaker’s origin at IP/SoC 2004

The  Best Design Prize was given to "VUPU: Configurable Processor for C Level Design" by Yoshihide Sugiura from Pacific Design Inc, and this is a consequence of the active Japanese participation pre selecting each year their best Design ;

As far as the exhibition is concerned let us note first an increase of 12% of the number of exhibitors and 20 % of the exhibition area which confirms the expansion of the event ;

Exhibitor number growth

Exhibition area growth

About the origin of the exhibitors it gives an overview of the players involved in the IP based business; In addition to IP providers, EDA vendors play a significant role as they are key IP providers .Note also the active presence  of the IP based design / verification platform vendors which completes the IP based design environment view.

Exhibitors category for IP/SoC 2004

Finally the interest of the press was quite good with excellent papers from EEtimes (Peter Clarke and Michael Santarini) completed by European magazines representative. Note also that the conference  benefit a lot from the implication of Michael Santarini who chaired 2 panels and such a neutral chairing is always a plus 

In conclusion IP/SoC 2004 was an exciting event confirming the vitality of a series of high quality International  events

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