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IP/SOC 2006 (IP-Based SoC Design) will be the 15th edition of the working conference on hot topics in the design world, focusing for the past 6 years on IP-based SoC design and held in the well known Silicon and Alliance Nanometer Valley in the French Alps.

Working Conference

Similar to the previous events, this working conference will be partitioned into technical papers, panels and invited papers, with a balanced contribution from industrial and academic participants.

  • Keynote Talks
  • Confirmed keynote talks:

    "Investment opportunities in IP"
    Jacques Benkoski
    US venture Partners

    "SoC/IP Market Overview and Outlook"
    Jim Tully, VP Distinguished Analyst
    Gartner Dataquest

    " The role of virtual fabless providers for a predictable road to product"
    Massimo Vanzi, CEO

    "Hardware Initiatives in the Open Source community"
    Fadi Azhari
    Marketing Director
    Sun Microsystems, Inc.

  • Technical Panels
  • A full track of technical panelsaddressing the most challenging topics will be animated by the best worldwide specialists in the field:

    • How Disruptive Technologies will Shape SoC Design and EDA Tool Development

      Moderated by: Jim Tully, Gartner/DataQuest
           - Maria Gabrani, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory
           - David Fritz, Silistix
           - Phil Dworsky, Synopsys
           - Michael Sydow, Lightspeed Logic
           - Simon Davidmann, Imperas
           - Andreas Hoffmann, CoWare

    • Automated Soc Assembly-dream or reality; There ARE Solutions to the Pain of IP Integration

      Moderated by: Richard Wallace, Editor-in-Chief, EE Times Europe
           - Olivier Florent, STMicroelectronics
           - Ralph Morgan, Synopsys
           - Chris Lennard, ARM
           - Dr. Satya Gupta, Open-Silicon

    • Design knowledge sharing or IP reuse? Is design reuse practical and viable in an enterprise

      Moderated by: Richard Wallace, EEtimes
           - Kathy Werner, Freescale
           - David Yoon, Cisco
           - Bernard Candaele, Thalθs group
           - Bill Martin, Mentor Graphics
           - Frederic Joly, TES Electronic Systems
           - Gabrièle Saucier,  Design and Reuse

    • Integrating Nonvolatile Memory in SoC Designs: Save Time and Reduce Design Costs

      Moderated by: Jim Lipman
           - Larry Morrell, VP, GM IP Products, Impinj
           - Craig Rawlings, Kilopass Technology
           - Pierre Fazan, Founder & CTO, Innovative Silicon
           - Rick Shen, eMemory Technology
           - Peter B. Gillingham, Vice President and Chief Technology, Mosaid
           - Xerxes Wania, President & CEO, Sidense

    • Reconfigurable IP/SoC and power consumption

      Moderated by: Paul Holt, Vice President of Customer Support, ARC International
           - Andreas Hoffman, Founder of LISATek and Engineering Director, CoWare
           - Steev Wilcox, Founder and Chief Architect, Azuro
           - Sean Redmond, Vice President of European Sales and Customer Support, Cadence
           - Yatin Trivedi, Director of Industry Partnerships, Magma
           - John Swanson , Director of IP Solutions, Synopsys
           - Jeremy Bennett, Tension

    • Network on Chip

      Moderated by: Huy Nam Nguyen, Bull S.A.S.
           - K. Charles Janac, Arteris
           - Alain Greiner, UPMC/LIP6
           - David Fritz, Silistix
           - Marcello Coppola, ST-Microelectronics
           - Oliver Bringmann, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik
           - Fabien Clermidy (CEA/Leti)

    • How to Evaluate and Choose Hard IP

      Moderated by: Jim Lipman
           - Michael Kaskowitz, Senior Vice President, Semiconductor IP, Mosaid
           - Larry Morrell, VP, GM IP Products, Impinj Inc.
           - Kathy Werner, VSIA & Freescale
           - Brent Dichter, ARM
           - Mary Ann White, Virage Logic
           - Mike Kliment, Mentor Graphics

    • Design for Debug (DFD) and Design for Test (DFT)

      Organized by: Anish Kumar (Dear Born Electronics India Bangalore)
           - Anthony Berent, ARM
           - Pramesh Dahiya, Integramicro System Pvt Ltd
           - Doug Goodman, Ridgetop Group
           - Michel Depeyrot, Dolphin Integration

    • Design flow integration with IP-XACT from The SPIRIT Consortium : from proof point to industrial adoption

      Moderated by: Pierre Bricaud
           - Loic Le-Toumelin, SoC Development Methodology , Wireless Cellular Systems , TI
           - Gabriele Saucier, Design And Reuse
           - Wolfgang Ecker, Principal Engineer, Infineon
           - Xavier Caron, Design Flow Engineer, ATMEL

  • Technical Sessions
  • Click here to view detailed program

    IP/SOC 2006 Best Design Paper Awards

    CEA/LETI Each year IP/SoC Conference proud to recognize the excellent, novel, innovative and highly practical design ideas that authors contribute. Excellence in design – whether it be within an IP block or a complete system continue to be the future of the IP/SoC industry. This year, in conjunction with sponsors CEA/LETI and the LSI IP Design Award Committee in Japan, it will offer two prizes to the most interesting and innovative design papers.

    Papers will be judged on both the originality and practicality of the design, and the quality and presentation of the paper. Finalists will be able to take part in a poster session in the main exhibition area during the lunch and afternoon coffee break of the first day so that conference delegates can mingle and discuss the designs with the authors. Voting by delegates and judges shall take place during the first day and the two winners shall be given their awards during the prestigious conference banquet on the evening of the first day.

    Around IP/SOC 2006

    On December 4
    On December 5th


    In addition to the IP/SoC 2006 working conference, the attached exhibition gives you the opportunity to see the reality of a SoC connected world. The exhibition will allow you to meet the most advanced suppliers and see the latest products.

    Book your space now.

    Important Dates

      Deadline for submission of the extended abstract
      Notification of acceptance
      Final Version of the manuscript
      Working Conference
      September 25, 2006
      October 23, 2006
      November 13, 2006
      December 6-7, 2006


      Espace Congres du World Trade Center
      5 place Robert Schuman
      38 000 Grenoble

    IP/SoC Conference Archives

    The foils of previous years' "IP Based SoC Design" events presentations are available online: