IP-SOC 2010
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IP-SOC 2010 Slides

Here are some of the slides from IP-SOC 2010. Thanks to all the participates for making it a great success!

Session: Invited Talks

Session: Design (1) 

Session: Design (2)

  • " Advanced Power Management in Embedded Memory Subsystems" by Lisa Minwell (Synopsys)
  • " USB3.0 application building using low performance 8-bit microcontroller" by Michal Jedrak (EVATRONIX SA)
  • " icyflex: an ultra low power DSP core for portable applications" by Marc Morgan, Simon Gray (CSEM)
  • " SPVR: An IP core for Real-Time Speaker Verification" by Joseana Fechine, Lucas Paixão, Adalberto Júnior, Fabrício Melo, Sérgio Espinola (UFCG)
  • " Distributed Video Coding: Adaptive Video Splitter" by Kodavalla Vijay Kumar (Wipro Technologies), P.G. Krishna Mohan (JNTU College of Engineering, Hyderabad)

Session: Design Methodology (1)

Session: Design Methodology (2)

  • " Automating Design Rule Waivers in SoC IP Reuse" by Sandeep Koranne, Anant Adke (Mentor Graphics Corporation)
  • " An IP-XACT Deployment Case: IZARN IP" by Ates Berna (ST-Ericsson), Sparsh Arun (STMicroelectronics), Seyda Aygin, Sinan Topcu, Emrah Armagan (ST-Ericsson)
  • "Integration-Optimized IP from Cadence" by Ranga Srinivasan, Brian Gardner (Cadence)
  • " Optimizing System Management in the Platform SoC Era" by Howard Pakosh (ChipStart)
  • " Design and Implementation of an OCP-IP Compliant 64-Node Butterfly Network on Multi-FPGA" by Khawla HAMWI (ENSTA ParisTech), Omar HAMMAMI (ENSTA ParisTech)

Session: Verification / Validation

Session: Test & Debug

Session: Exhibitor Track

Session: Quality & Verification

Session: Embedded Systems

Session: Multi processor &NoC

  • " Prototyping Mesh-of-Tree NOC Based MPSOC on Mesh-of-Tree FPGA Devices" by Mazen Khaddour, Omar HAMMAMI (ENSTA)
  • " MultiFPGA Design Based 64 PE with NoC Extension" by Abir M'zah, Omar Hammami (ENSTA)