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March 14, 2016

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April, 2017

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December 6-7, 2016

How to select the right Security Core for your next SoC?
By Jauher Zaidi, President, CEO


Today's SoCs are important components of multimedia, social networking, business and personal information systems, which directly influence our business, personal life, data and privacy. Security technologies are now embedded into various SoC hardware and software to provide security. SoC designers should be concerned with security issues. Virus detection and cryptography requires heavy computation. It is becoming a difficult task to find the right Security IP core for various devices. The talk will take you through a process to select the correct Security core for your next SoC design. The Author will discuss the security on SoC from various points of of the security required in the devices and applications that require security implementations. Some examples are Security Modules for Mobile System on Chip, Smart grid SoC, Smart Card reader ICs, Smart phones, iPhone, Android tablets, CryptoAuthentication, Secure Memories, Cloud Computing servers & clients devices and embedded security applications like banking terminals and wireless hand held devices.


Jauher Zaidi is Chairman & CEO of Palmchip Corporation. Jauher has over twenty years of experience in system design and integration. Before founding Palmchip in 1996, he was involved in system-on-chip (SoC) integration at Quantum Corporation. Jauher received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from Pacific States University in Los Angeles, California. He has also participated in many SoC panels and is a recognized expert in the area of SoC development.