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The New Normal - 3rd Party IP Advisors
By Kurt Wolf
Founder and President
Silicon-IP, Inc.


SoC companies increasingly require temporary, on-demand supplemental services from independent 3rd party IP advisors to supplement make vs. buy analysis, due diligence process, and implementation. Third-party IP acquisition and management must be implemented using Industry best practices but this skill-set is not seen as a differentiating core competency for SoC companies. A survey conducted last year by Silicon-IP, Inc. showed that in 70% of SoC designs, the job of 3rd party IP due diligence and licensing is assigned to someone as an extra “night job”. In today’s economic environment, creative approaches are needed to fulfill this assignment - everyone already has a “night job”. Contracting expert advisors on a temporary, on-demand basis solves the challenge and exceeds expectations. This is possible because Silicon-IP is a team of industry experts who are at the top of the game every day in a highly fragmented field. Best practices are constantly refined and advantages in business terms are leveraged from the broadest and most frequent set of negotiations. Using 3rd party experts as an extension of your internal IP management team to acquire and manage third-party IP provides three benefits. First, SoC companies maximize internal resources on core competencies second, IP acquisition is implemented using continually enhanced best practices and third, what would have been a stressful situation is executed with confidence. A typical medium-sized SoC company only makes IP decisions about once every 15 months. Yet IP providers are in the game every day; advantage IP providers. Exponential combinations of semiconductor process changes and IP companies either emerging or combining mean if you cannot afford to be 100% in the game every day, IP companies control the negotiating playbook. The impact of recovering from a bad IP decision hurts the entire organization - insert your horror story here. When SoC design companies contract the expert advisory services from Silicon-IP, Inc., two to three months of IP evaluation, verification, and integration time & money is saved per design.


Kurt Wolf is the Founder and President of Silicon-IP, Inc. His company is the first & only independent outsourcing firm for 3rd party silicon-IP. The deliverables to silicon design teams include technical and quality due diligence as well as license negotiation. As an outsourced service, dedicated to serving silicon design teams, Silicon-IP has the unique capability to operate as an independent agent and aggregate many 3rd party IP requirements. The company provides even the smallest and newest design teams with the same or better knowledge, insight, and implementation skills as enjoyed by the largest companies - but without the expensive cost of a dedicated, full-time team of technical and business professionals.

Prior to founding Silicon-IP, Kurt spent the last 11 years building and managing the 3rd party IP eco-system at TSMC. Currently, he is also consulting at GLOBALFOUNDRIES to build their 3rd party Design Enablement portfolio.

Kurt has a M.S.E.E. from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Santa Clara University.