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Beating Moore's Law on a Crowded Treadmill: What's Next in SoC Design?
By Jack Browne, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing
Sonics, Inc.


Our industry is witnessing an increase in technological innovation at phenomenal rates, despite any residual economic woes. Every month, we see new smart phones and tablets that spawn a number of derivative markets and new applications. This brings new (and sometimes near impossible) design requirements for our “smart” devices. This chain reaction translates to semiconductor companies demanding more of everything (increased complexity on-chip, better performance, higher levels of integration, increased graphics, 3D, 4G (fatter pipe), extended battery life, ability to connect to other devices (DTV, cameras, etc.) Customers want it smaller, cheaper and faster and still be first to market. So with innovations around every turn, is there headroom for SoC designers to scale and can their design partners keep pace in the end and deliver? The author will identify and discuss the ‘must-haves’ for designers as they set out to build the “ultimate SoC” in an over-crowded, competitive market with ever-changing application demands.


Jack Browne is Sonics’ senior vice president of sales and marketing. Prior to joining Sonics, Mr. Browne served in several executive roles at MIPS Technologies, including executive vice president of worldwide sales and executive vice president of marketing. Earlier in his career, he was the head of Motorola’s 68000 processor marketing team. An acknowledged industry spokesman, Mr. Browne has written more than 100 papers for industry publications and presented at more than 100 industry conferences. He holds a B.S.E.E. degree from the University of Texas.