Nazomi's JA108 Acceleration Chip for Multimedia Handset Platforms Reaches Next Milestone with UMC

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- September 30, 2002 - Nazomi Communications Inc., the inventor of universal and scalable solutions for boosting the performance of software running on the Java Platform, today announced that its first silicon IC product, the JA108 Multimedia Accelerator Chip, is migrating from the sampling phase to production at world leading semiconductor foundry UMC ( NYSE: UMC). UMC was selected as Nazomi's sole foundry source for the production of the Java and multimedia applications accelerator chip that targets mobile wireless applications, such as 2G/2.5G/3G phones, and improves Java rich multimedia application software execution while extending battery life.

"The JA108 has been a huge success for Nazomi since its unveiling earlier this year. We have received tremendous interest in the chip, especially among wireless handheld appliance development companies that desire the device's capabilities for next-generation cell phones," said Mukesh Patel, president and CEO of Nazomi. "UMC has played a key role in our silicon success as it provides excellent customer service and leading CMOS silicon manufacturing capabilities that we require."

Fu Tai Liou, chief officer of worldwide marketing and sales at UMC noted, "UMC is pleased to be the fabricator of the JA108 chip, particularly as this is one of the only devices designed specifically to accelerate the hardware aspect of Java processing, rather than the software side. The device should be a very important to manufacturers of wireless handsets. Moreover, Nazomi's decision to select UMC as its sole foundry source is testament to the excellent value-add customer support and manufacturing services that we provide."

More about Nazomi's JA108
The JA108, built on innovative patented technology, is designed for wireless handheld appliances as it offloads the microprocessor by taking over the task of executing Java bytecode instructions quickly and power-efficiently and thus speeds up Java software execution up to 200x, depending on the application. It accomplishes this without increasing system clock frequencies, requiring additional memory, new tools or causing any new porting efforts. The chip, which interfaces like a standard SRAM device, is a stand-alone accelerator for Java and multimedia platforms that can be easily integrated into new and existing designs on existing memory buses. The chip is available in an 8x8 mm 132 ball uBGA 0.5 mil ball pitch configuration.

The JA108 works with any baseband processor, chipset, system on chip (SoC), or microprocessor and is transparent to existing designs and legacy operating systems. It also gives designers the freedom to choose any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or real-time operating system (RTOS). The JA108 is designed to offer the highest multimedia applications performance while balancing space, power, cost and time to market.

About Nazomi Communications
Nazomi Communications, Inc. is a Silicon Valley technology company focused on performance boosting products that enhance the performance of applications running on the Java Platform and other universal runtime platforms. Nazomi's flagship products include the JA108 Universal Accelerator chip, the JSTAR™ Coprocessor and JSMART Card Coprocessor. The JA108, the company's first chip offering, and the JSTAR coprocessor intellectual property core are specifically targeted at wireless mobile devices and also target Internet appliances and embedded applications. The JSMART coprocessor is specifically for Java Card technology targeted at smart cards. Nazomi, a privately-held company, was founded in September 1998 and is located at 2200 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara, California, 95054, phone: (408) 654-8988, fax: (408) 654-2938, web:

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