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ARM announced today it has licensed processor and security IP to Atmel Corporation for use in a wide array of devices requiring image, video and display ...

Sonics today introduced a major upgrade of its SonicsGN™ on-chip network intellectual property (IP) that improves support for memory subsystems and provides ...

XMOS Ltd. the fabless semiconductor company and leader in intelligent multicore microcontrollers, has today announced the completion of a $26.2m Series-D ...

Silicon Creations today announced that Faraday Technology has selected the UMC 55nm SP Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) IP from Silicon Creations for its challenging ...

Sibridge Technologies today announced the availability of several MIPI alliance specification compliant Verification IP including MIPI® M-PHY®, D-PHY ...

Noesis Technologies announced today the immediate availability of its ntOFDM_BBP custom baseband processor, which implements the physical layer of an ...

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