ARM Forms Equity Alliance with CoWare

Several ARM silicon and system partners currently use the CoWare N2C[tm] hardware/software co-design tools for the development of their ARM® core-based designs. ARM intends to use CoWare N2C to enhance its system-on-chip (SoC) and PrimeCell Peripheral development flows. CoWare N2C will allow ARM to interact with its SoC partners at a higher level of design abstraction, enabling early validation of SoC developments to give increased confidence in "right-the-first-time" system functionality. ARM and CoWare continue to work closely to ensure that optimum support for ARM technology carries into the future.

"CoWare N2C will enable our partners to cut the development time of systems based on ARM technology by as much as 50 percent," said Tudor Brown, chief technology officer for ARM. "By strengthening the relationship between our two companies, we will be able to further accelerate the design process for ARM-powered systems, meeting the market's growing demand for SoC products based on ARM cores and reinforcing our position as the industry's leading 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor solution."

"Processor IP and embedded software are in the critical path of getting system chips into today's consumer products," said Guido Arnout, president and CEO of CoWare, Inc. "CoWare N2C allows development and debugging of embedded software on a virtual prototype of the SoC months ahead of what is currently possible. The first IP integrated into CoWare N2C in 1997 was the ARM7TDMI® core. Since then, we've seen tremendous demand for ARM's processor technology in embedded applications."

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