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Qualitas Semiconductor's eDP RX PHY IP v1.5a is Ready for Mass Production

Qualitas has expanded the IP portfolio on its silicon success with its eDP RX PHY line, specifically supporting eDP v1.5a, the latest specification. Read

Expedera Raises $20M Series B Funding Round Led By indie Semiconductor

Expedera Inc., a leading licensor of edge inference artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor intellectual property (IP), today announced it raised $20 ... Read

Andes Technology and Arteris Partner To Accelerate RISC-V SoC Adoption

Arteris and Andes Technology today announced their partnership to advance innovation for RISC-V based SoC designs for AI, 5G, networking, mobile, storage, ... Read

Crucial role for imec in EU Chips Act

imec announces it will host the NanoIC pilot line. This pilot line taps into the EU Chips Act vision to accelerate innovation, drive economic growth, ... Read

Analog Bits Joins the Silicon Catalyst  In-Kind Partner Ecosystem

Portfolio Companies in the Silicon Catalyst Incubator will gain direct access to the Analog Bits wide portfolio of precision clocking macros PLLs and ... Read

Siemens simplifies development of AI accelerators for advanced system-on-chip designs with ...

Siemens Digital Industries Software today announced Catapultâ„¢ AI NN software for High-Level Synthesis (HLS) of neural network accelerators on Application-Specific ... Read

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DDR3/3L/4, LPDDR2/3/4/4x controller and PHY
• Support sideband & inline ECC (error correcting code)
• Support Hardware based DDR frequency switch (DFS)
• Support Flipchip & Wirebond package

• Analyze monitor data for better power and performance optimization
• Enable analytics to improve reliability and safety of the SoC
• User configurable for specific applications: HPC Datacenters, AI, Automotive, IoT etc.

Swift™ data converter IP for point-to-point wireless comms
ODT-DAC-12B7G-16 high speed 16nm Swift™ DACs
ODT-ADS-12B6G-16 high-speed 16nm Swift™ ADCs
View ultra low-power & fast time-to-market options here >>

• Essential USB 2.0 Interface for IOT, Embedded, Auto SOC's
• Available at Legacy Nodes of 180nm-22nm; in 1B+ IC's
• Leading Edge Nodes: Robust eUSB2 due to DSP-Based Arch.

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