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Battery-powered extended reality (XR) devices need to sense and analyze their environments within the response time of the human senses to provide instant ... Read

PUFsecurity Corporation, a subsidiary of eMemory Inc., announced that its Crypto Coprocessor PUFcc had achieved PSA Certified Level 2 Ready. The test ... Read

Sales of Chips & Media increased 30% from 15.4 billion KRW in 2020 to 19.9 billion KRW in 2021. In the first half of this year alone, it posted 11.2 billion ... Read

Imagination Technologies and PaddlePaddle announce a new, jointly developed Model Zoo library. This significant milestone in their partnership covers ... Read

Arm today announced the appointment of new Board members Karen Dykstra, former Chief Financial and Administrative Officer of AOL and Jeff Sine, co-Founder ... Read

ProvenRun, a global leader in embedded security, today announced the availability of its flagship secure OS / TEE product called ProvenCore, integrated ... Read

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• Complete SerDes subsystem solution with co-validated digital controller core
• Can also be integrated with 3rd-party PIPE 5.2-compliant controllers
• Fully backward compatible with PCIe 4.0, 3.0 and 2.0
• Designed to achieve maximum PCI Express 5 performance

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• Adaptive leakage power reduction under automotive conditions
• Silicon proven, robust and patented adaptive body bias solution
• ISO26262 automotive functional safety grade

Learn more about Racyics® ABX® Automotive Adaptive Body Bias Generator >>

• High performance: 21dBm TX output power @11b,
  16dBm TX output power @MSC7, 4.5dB noise figure
• Combo with Bluetooth & BLE
• Compact IP size
• Low power consumption: <20mA RX current consumption @core voltage,
  <150mA TX current consumption

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