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Drive for richer graphics, higher data throughput and wider range of multimedia forces engineers to enable more sophisticated features in embedded applications. ... Read

Comcores ApS, a fast-growing specialized supplier of Intellectual Property (IP) Cores, today announced the availability of a 100G Ethernet MAC IP including ... Read

Codasip, the leading supplier of customizable RISC-V processor IP and tools, announced today that it is opening offices in Bristol and Cambridge and is ... Read

To address the broader range of power, performance and area (PPA) demands of embedded applications, Synopsys, announced it has expanded its ... Read

Deep Vision, Inc., the developers of an AI processor and comprehensive software development suite for edge computing applications, today announced that ... Read

To address the needs to secure data at rest, Xiphera has expanded its product portfolio by adding two Intellectual Property (IP) cores to its offering. ... Read

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• Off-the-shelf in UMC 55 nm, GF 55 nm, HHGrace 130 nm
• Mastercard certified technology, Million units deployed
Analog front end + Digital protocol controller

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  • Encompasses latest MIPI CSI-2® Rx/Tx, C-PHYSM/D-PHYSM & I3C®.
  • 4-Lanes/8-Lanes D-PHY / 3-Lanes C-PHY
  • Supports High Speed (data rate 80 MBPS) to 2.5 GBPS
  • Supports low speed mode of 10 MBSP data rate
  • Supports for Ultra-Low Power Mode (ULPS)

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