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Imagination Technologies and Packetcraft announces a partnership to enable a complete Bluetooth Low Energy audio solution using the new Low Complexity ... Read

The acquisition, which is expected to take 18 months to complete (around March 2022), would top Avago’s 2015 deal to buy Broadcom for $37 billion, and ... Read

Cobham Gaisler announced today that it has received a contract from the European Space Agency (ESA) for the development and validation of a new mixed-signal ... Read

SiFive, Inc., the leading provider of commercial RISC-V-based platforms and custom silicon solutions, today announced the appointment of Patrick Little ... Read

Antaios, a pioneer in SOT-MRAM technology (Spin-Orbit Torque Magnetic Random-Access Memory), announced today that it has secured 11 million dollars in ... Read’s suite of technologies for neural network-based speech-to-intent applications optimized for CEVA’s latest generation of low power audio ... Read

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Tim Penhale-Jones, EVP Sales and Marketing, Moortec

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• Secure AHB Fabric, SRAM and ROM MPUs, QSPI, DMA, PMU
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