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intoPIX, leading provider of innovative image processing solutions, announces today a full stack of TICO-RAW products, immediately available for implementers. ... Read

CFX, the one stop shop of embedded flash memory IP and stand alone flash memory IC provider announced today commercial availability of anti-fuse OTP technology ... Read

Andes Technology today announces the first commercial RISC-V vector processor IP, AndesCore™ NX27V, is upgraded to support the latest RISC-V Vector ... Read

Embeetle, the supplier of a refreshing microcontroller IDE, and GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc., the popular Flash memory and MCU provider, announce that ... Read

BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN), a leading provider of ultra-low power high performance artificial intelligence technology, today provides the following ... Read

Mobiveil, Inc., a fast-growing supplier of silicon intellectual property (SIP), platforms and IP-enabled design services, today announced its Compute ... Read

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Motion Engine™
Enhancing the TWS User Experience with Sensor Fusion

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• Most PPA optimized GUC multi-die
  interLink (GLink) 7nm IP on InFO
  silicon proven; 5nm IP taped-out in
• Service Scope : IP, sub-system built,
  interposer/InFO RDL design,
  SI/PI/THM co-sim, and bring up
  services for 2.5D CoWoS and InFO

• Growing selection of low-cost CAD tools
• Cost-effective multi-project wafer prototyping
• Engineering support and training

Live Webinar with Q&A session!
• How to reach volume production faster with higher confidence
• How to achieve a 10X DPPM reduction at a fraction of the cost
• How to shift-left production for significant cost savings

Wednesday, December 9 | 12 pm EST | 5 pm GMT

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