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China does appear to have many "buyers" interested in RISC-V cores. But as I hunt for "developers" trying to leverage the RISC-V instruction set, I'm ... Read

Arasan Chip Systems, a leading provider of semiconductor IP for mobile and automobile SoCs today announced the immediate availability of it’s M-PHY ... Read

Imagination Technologies announces PowerVR Automotive, a complete product package to enable growth and acceleration of the automotive semiconductor industry. ... Read

Andes Technology Corporation, a leading supplier of small, low-power, high performance 32-/64-bit embedded CPU cores, and INVECAS, a provider of leading ... Read

Moortec Semiconductor Ltd, providers of complete In-Chip PVT Monitoring Subsystems announced today that Esperanto Technologies have selected their complete ... Read

Spin Memory, Inc., the leading MRAM developer formerly known as Spin Transfer Technologies, Inc., today announced its $52 million Series B funding round. ... Read

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five-benefits-of-hiring-a-design-services-companyarm Blogs
Joe Hanson, Arm
Daniel Nenni
David Manners
the-arm-neoverse-brand-and-hpcarm Blogs
Brent Gorda, Arm

New Products

Audio DSP of the Week
The first IP core optimized for far-field processing and artificial intelligence (AI)-based speech recognition. The HiFi 5 DSP is ideal for voice-controlled user interfaces in digital home assistants and automotive infotainment.

SoC IDE of the Week
UltraDevelop 2: actionable insights, multi-core debug, data science & visualization for SoC teams.

Monitoring Subsystem of the Week
• Thermal Management
• Detect Supply Anomalies
• Identify Process Corners

eFPGA of the week
• More customers have working silicon using EFLX eFPGA.
• And more customers are designing with EFLX eFPGA.
• Read about their implementations.

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