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Silicon intellectual property provider CAST, Inc. today announced a new version of its HDLC/SDLC IP core that helps avionics system developers achieve ... Read

Codasip, the leading supplier of customizable RISC-V embedded processor IP, and Metrics Design Automation, providers of the only True Cloud EDA solution, ... Read

The new IP – PUFrt – is a PUF-based hardware root-of-trust that includes proprietary NeoPUF as the core technology. A physical unclonable function ... Read

Picocom has selected the AndesCore N25F RISC-V 32-bit core integrated with the AE350 peripherals platform for its forthcoming 5G small cell distributed ... Read

Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co. Ltd., an integrated solution provider offering industry-leading software and hardware semiconductor solutions, today announced ... Read

That Nvidia intends to buy Arm from Softbank now appears to be more than just idle speculation. Nvidia initially approached SoftBank with a proposal ... Read

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Performance compared with conventional 3D IC technology
• 10x ultra-high speed
• 20x energy efficiency
• 190x ultra-high bandwidth
• Design flexibility
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• Compliant with JESD204 A, B and C specifications
• Supports programmable Frequency up to 32GHz
• Supports 8B/10B, 64B/66B and 64B/80B encoding
• Supports FEC and CRC
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