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Imagination Technologies announces that Locix has selected its Ensigma high-performance IEEE 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi baseband and RF IP for use in its ... Read

Rambus today announced that SEAKR® Engineering, a leading-edge provider of advanced electronics for space applications, selected the Rambus 28G Multi-protocol ... Read

M31 Technology today announced that: Following the high-speed interface IP MIPI M-PHY, Memory Compilers and GPIO IP have also been certified by the German ... Read

sureCore Limited, a provider of low power SRAM products and custom memory design services, today announced that its PowerMiser low power SRAM IP is now ... Read

Allegro DVT, the leading provider of video codec compliance test suites and semiconductor video IPs, today announced the acquisition of Amphion Semiconductor, ... Read

Brite Semiconductor (“Brite”), a world-leading ASIC design solution provider headquartered in Shanghai today announced that two chips with RF & PLC ... Read

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• All-in-one IP with seamless SoC Integration
• Up to 7x energy-efficiency improvement
• <1% area overhead, 30 µW power overhead (high temp.)
• Compatible with DVFS

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Silicon Valley - Oct 15
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• RISC-V, an open ISA that is compact, modular and extensible
• New mainstream embedded processor technology
• Rich ecosystem and fast-growing number of implementations

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