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A U.S. federal court found that several iPhone models infringe on patents held by Qualcomm, a major setback for Apple in the patent fight between the ... Read

As the first public CPU IP company in Asia, specializing in low-power, high-performance 32/64-bit processor IP cores and SoC design platform, Andes Technology ... Read

Microsoft and partners released open source RTL for a new data compression scheme, and Intel said another effort may do the same for a security block. ... Read

Synopsys today announced the availability of the industry's first Subsystem Verification Solution, Verification IP (VIP), and UVM source code test suite ... Read

Mobile Semiconductor announced today that they are licensing their 180nm Memory Compilers to Sandia National Laboratories. Read

Facebook has acquired Sonics, a privately-held Silicon Valley IP provider that specializes in on-chip network (NoC) and power-management technologies. ... Read

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• High-performance DSP addition to the ConnX family
• Ideal for high-resolution Radar and Lidar applications
• Fast and Power efficient for 5G communication
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• Wireless communication & FEC
• DVB and Digital signal processing
• Custom designed cores

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• ASIC for 5G business and Precision analog front end IC for seismic business
• Analog & RF IP with differentiated data converters for 5G, Microcontroller, Medical and networking application

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