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Vidatronic, Inc., a leading provider of power management, analog, and security intellectual property (IP) licenses and integrated platform solutions, ... Read

Arasan announces the immediate availability of its 2nd generation of USB PHY for the USB 2.0 Specification. Arasan 2nd generation USB PHY is a result ... Read

Leading European chip design Nordic Semiconductor is setting up a new design team to develop a processor core based on the open RISC-V instruction set. ... Read

Milestone underscores CEVA’s central role in the IoT era, enabling wireless connectivity and intelligence in billions of smartphones, consumer electronics, ... Read

In Q1 FY 2022 Arm reported a record Q1 total revenue of $719 million, up 6% year-over-year, a record quarterly royalty revenue of $453 million, up 22% ... Read

Brite Semiconductor (“Brite”), a leading custom ASIC & IP provider, today announced providing xSPI/HyperbusTM/XcellaTM memory (Flash, PSRAM, MRAM…) ... Read

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• Ultra-low power and small foot print.
• Read operation with single power supply down to 0.8V.
• Average read current less than 1uA/MHz.

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AlphawaveIP’s high-performance, low-power, PipeCORE32 passed all certification requirements from the July 2022 PCI-SIG compliance workshop and is officially compliant to the PCIe 5.0 specification.

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• Enhance CPU’s ISA to max performance/reduce power
• Add proprietary secure accelerators post manufacturing
• Enables an unlimited number of peripheral choices
• The best LUTs/sqmm with XLFX™ patented interconnect

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