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Silex Insight has entered into an agreement with REALSEC, a premier HSM technology vendor with international presence. Silex Insight provides REALSEC ... Read

As part of the Cortus IC Design Service offering, Cortus announces the general availability of a complete range of RISC-V processors. These are now available ... Read

SCALINX, industry recognized expert in new art of signal conversion technology, embedded in ASIC designs, has continued with its expansion plans and growth ... Read

Synopsys today announced availability of the new embARC Machine Learning Inference software library to facilitate development of power-efficient neural ... Read

Arteris IP, the world’s leading supplier of innovative, silicon-proven network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect intellectual property, today announced that ... Read

sureCore Limited's new SureFit SRAM customization service has delivered low power high capacity SRAM subsystems implemented in advanced FinFET processes ... Read

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• High-performance DSP addition to the ConnX family
• Ideal for high-resolution Radar and Lidar applications
• Fast and Power efficient for 5G communication
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• Wireless communication & FEC
• DVB and Digital signal processing
• Custom designed cores

Welcome to our new partner
• ASIC for 5G business and Precision analog front end IC for seismic business
• Analog & RF IP with differentiated data converters for 5G, Microcontroller, Medical and networking application

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