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Chipus announces the tape-out of its 3rd generation of battery charger IP with several improvements when compared with previous versions. Read

Open-Silicon today announced that it has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. The internationally-recognized certification includes Open-Silicon’s ... Read

Arm sketched the inner workings of its machine-learning core at a press and analyst event here. Engineers are nearly finished with RTL for the design ... Read

IC Insights forecast an 8% increase in semiconductor industry capital spending for this year. However, IC Insights has raised its expectations for 2018 ... Read

Rambus has moved from being a patent and technology licensing company to a product and now an IoT services company that wants to take on ARM. Nick Flaherty ... Read

Dolphin Integration, leader in innovative design solutions for the next generation of energy-efficient System-on-Chips, has announced the launch of its ... Read

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eFPGA of the Week
• The EFLX4K is a complete, silicon proven eFPGA core.
• Tile EFLX4K with ArrayLinx to build any size eFPGA up to 200K LUTs with any mix of Logic/MACs.

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