MIPS Technologies’ Processor Core Powers ViXS’ Video-over-IP Solution

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 23, 2002 -- High-quality wireless video distribution is now a reality with the launch of a video-over-IP solution from ViXS Systems that is based on the high-performance, low-power MIPS32™ 4Km™ processor core, MIPS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: MIPS, MIPSB) announced today. ViXS' MIPS-based™ Xcode™ chip, which was unveiled today, is a content-secured, multi-stream, real-time transrating and transcoding chip that enables the distribution of broadcast-quality video to multiple devices over wired and wireless networks.  For example, it enables a single set-top box to feed many TVs in the home, as well as PCs, PDAs, laptops, wedpads and other devices, each displaying a different program.

"Our goal was to give consumers advanced multimedia services on devices throughout the home without a lot of hard-wired media centers and set-top boxes, which would have been cost-prohibitive in this market. The solution was to overcome the bandwidth challenge of delivering high-resolution MPEG video streams over a wireless network, which we were able to do with XCode and its MIPS processor core," said Hugh Chow, co-founder and vice president of engineering at ViXS.  "We evaluated cores from the leading processor IP suppliers and chose the MIPS core for its performance, ease of use and cost-effectiveness, and the ready availability of third-party development tools.  It was key to the swift time-to-market of our XCode ASIC."

Using the 4Km core, ViXS was able to develop a powerful bandwidth management system that ensures quality of service.  It optimizes network resources as new devices are brought on and off line, eliminating network congestion and the frame loss that would otherwise result from high-bandwidth MPEG video streams on an 802.11 wireless network. 

"ViXS is forging new frontiers in streaming video and wireless technologies that promise to significantly enhance a user's experience and offer new opportunities to service providers," said Kevin Meyer, vice president of marketing at MIPS Technologies.  "Companies such as ViXS depend on industry-standard processor technology and development tools that enable rapid, flexible, cost-effective development and lower the barriers to entry into exciting new markets."

About ViXS
Founded in January 2001, ViXS Systems is a fabless semiconductor and software developer creating end-to-end solutions for digital video networking and communications applications. As the leading developer of video-over-IP networking solutions, ViXS' chipset and network management software provide unprecedented capabilities for processing, managing and distributing of secured broadcast-quality video across standards-based wired and wireless networks.  For more information on the company and its products, visit www.vixs.com or contact ViXS headquarters at 2235 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 1700, Toronto, ON Canada M2J5B5, phone (416) 646-2000; fax (416) 646-1042.

About MIPS Technologies
MIPS Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for digital consumer and network applications.  The company drives the broadest architectural alliance that is delivering 32- and 64-bit embedded RISC solutions.  The company licenses its intellectual property to semiconductor companies, ASIC developers and system OEMs.  MIPS Technologies and its licensees offer the widest range of robust, scalable processors in standard, custom, semi-custom and application-specific products.  The company is based in Mountain View, Calif., and can be reached at +1 (650) 567-5000 or www.mips.com.

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MIPS is a registered trademark and MIPS32, 4Km and MIPS-based are trademarks of MIPS Technologies, Inc. in the United States and other countries.  XCode is a trademark of ViXS Systems, Inc.  All other trademarks referred to herein are the property of their respective owners.

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