Aptix to Demonstrate ST Microelectronics Solution for ARM926EJ-S PrimeXSys Platform at DATE

The demonstration is being shown at DATE03 Conference and Exhibition, March 3 - 7, in Munich, Germany (http://www.date-conference.com/conference/). ST and Aptix engineers will demonstrate the solution for the verification and validation of multimedia and wireless SoC applications to customers at the event. The demonstration highlights the use of the Aptix solution with STMicroelectronics in their development of chipsets for multimedia and wireless applications, based on the ARM PrimeXsys Platform.

Philippe Magarshack, group vice president for Design Automation, Central Research and Development at STMicroelectronics , said, "The Aptix high-performance reconfigurable Pre-Silicon Prototype for SoC Platforms such as the ARM PrimeXsys Platform enables concurrent hardware/software development, integration of software and IP, and validation of multimedia and wireless applications which helps to remove risk from increasingly complex SoC designs with their escalating mask costs."

Dr. Amr Mohsen, Aptix Chairman and CEO, said, "We are pleased to provide Aptix high-performance pre-silicon prototype solutions for leading SoC platforms such as the ARM PrimeXsys Platform. The availability of pre-silicon prototypes using Aptix solutions reduces time-to-market, decreases design costs, and improves performance of innovative products like those developed at STMicroelectronics".

" The PrimeXsys platform enables us to support our Partners, such as STMicroelectronics, in creating pre-silicon prototypes much more quickly, giving them more time to develop their embedded SoC integrated circuits and validate their application software under real-world conditions before actual silicon of their designs is available," said Mike Muller, CTO, ARM.

The PrimeXsys Platform is based around the ARM926EJ-S microprocessor core, which incorporates ARM Jazelle® technology for Java acceleration, an AMBA Multi-layer AHB bus and PrimeCell® peripherals.

About Aptix
Aptix Corporation is a leading provider of high-performance pre-silicon prototype (PSP) solutions to System-on-Chip (SoC) developers, enabling them to accelerate their time-to-market, reduce costs and improve their product performance. Aptix's reconfigurable and portable PSPs enable hardware developers to integrate custom logic and to verify and debug complex SoC designs in a real-world environment and software developers to accelerate the firmware and application software development timeline. In addition, these flexible prototypes can be deployed for field-testing and to multiple customers for evaluation, providing a development head start. Visit Aptix on the web at http://www.aptix.com. Aptix is headquartered at 1338 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95131.


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