Design Reuse

Describe the IP you need D&R will contact leading IP Suppliers to ask if they can full fill your requirements IP Suppliers with solutions that meet your needs will contact you directly


  • There is no fee for posting an IP request

  • IP requests are posted through a request form. This request form has been made as comprehensive as possible to prevent any waste of time for matching candidates

  • The IP requests are forwarded to qualified IP providers who if interested contact directly the customer while being tracked by D&R

  • The customer having posted a request is committed to answer to all IP Provider candidates if he considers their offer within a 5 days delay. After this delay he gets a warning for D&R IP Marketplace policies violation. This is done to guarantee a high reliability and maintain confidence for all users

  • Customer is committed to close his request when he has found a partner.

  • If an IP request stays open over a period of one month, D&R will check the opportunity status with the customer. If no answer is provided, the opportunity is closed and the customer gets a warning for policies violation.

  • The information related to the customer stays private to protect the business confidentiality. No identity is forwarded.